Sunday, January 1, 2017

What If?

As I look out across the meadow, the forest just beyond is shrouded in mist.  I can see just so far but then  my vision is hampered.  It's damp and cold.  Can anyone really predict the future?  Well I guess the answer is yes, to some extent, based on what we can actually see but then we really can't predict the future in totality as we cannot see it.  I mean we can surmise from this and that that something may happen but trying to piece everything together into one big whole is difficult if not impossible.  Yesterday was sun and warmth.  Everyone was out basking in it and having a good time.  It's amazing to experience earth in all her glory, as each day brings something different, something special with it.  Our moods swell or subside as the Wheel of Life continues to turn and earth ponderously labors through the four seasons.  We feel exhilaration in spring, contentment in summer, subdued in autumn and contemplation in winter.  Enjoy each day and look for the best in it.  Enjoy the normalcy in your life.  We all expect things to continue the way they have for thousands of years.  

But what if that were to change?   It's difficult for all of us to imagine a way of life in which everything we've come to know and depend upon is turned upside down.

This year, 2017, think about what's most important in your lives, your family, your friendships, your goals for the new year.

If you've been putting something off that needs fixing, get to it.  

Treasure each day and look to each other for comfort and solace and to the Creator as your source of guidance and strength.