Monday, January 23, 2017

Take Heart, Help is Here

How many of you have had an experience in life you couldn't explain?  You've gone through months of despair looking for a job and just about given up when, out of the blue, someone approaches while you're in the coffee shop and says they have a job opening.  Or, you pick up a discarded newspaper looking at the want ads again, hoping there's something in there for you and lo and behold (even though you've looked at the same ads many times before) something jumps out at you.  It is so important what I'm about to share with you--I don't know how it works but it works.  It's called Synchronicity (When the Pupil is ready the Teacher will appear) and it has to do with how the Universe operates through Guardian Angels.  All of us have Guardian Angels.  I don't know how many are assigned to each but they are here to assist but only if you ask them.  They will not intervene as each one of us has been granted Free Will and the decision is ours.  First, try and understand that you and I are just a small fragment of a much bigger picture.  Together, each one  of us makes up the Whole.  How do I know all of this?  I can't tell you how but deep down I do know and that's why I'm passing this information on.  I haven't been to Oxford or Harvard but just have an innate "knowing" that something is happening in this world and to us that is starting to profoundly affect us all.  It is an unfolding of some sort, like a prisoner in a jail cell who kept insisting that he was innocent yet no one believed him until finally forensics was able to check DNA samples (after many years after).  Finally, after years of being locked up the prisoner is released out into the light of day.  No longer imprisoned in a dark cell and monitored 24/7 but now free of his chains.  This is what is happening to us on this planet now in spite of all the ugliness we're seeing.  We're slowly being released from jail.  It's not a huge jailbreak but happening slowly and to us, individually.  I have heard that once you are exposed to the Truth you will know the Truth.  But how are you exposed to the Truth?  A good example of exposing someone to the Truth would be parents who tell their son or daughter "you will know the right person when you meet them."  Yeah, right you say, "UNTIL" it happens.  I am feeling a great liberation coming for mankind and am being being pushed and propelled (almost like I'm running out of time) to share with you all that I have learned while here.  We are all part of a living, breathing, cosmos where there are other souls on other planets who are striving toward the light the same way we are and believe it or not, struggling with many of the same issues we have.  We will be learning this hidden Truth soon.  We're all ascending at different speeds based on who we are and our life experiences.  There is a beautiful new paradigm taking shape and we're all enclothed within it.  Nobody prepares us for life even though our parents, priests, rabbis and pastors do their best.  No, the truth is we all experience life at our own pace and endure the hardships and struggles that come our way, based on our decisions.    Sometimes, though, isn't it easier if we ask for help (but only if our damned Egos would step aside)?  There is nothing shameful in humbling oneself in asking for help.  In fact, it is a testament to our Growth.  As a young girl growing up we moved around a lot, I never had one home but many.  I was rebellious, fearful and frightened of many things.  I suffered trauma through a demonic experience, endured shame and embarrassment, had my own set of personal vices (that I am still trying to get under control even to this day) and endured ridicule and humiliation for divulging my spiritual experiences.  People don't take too kindly when you tell them you're seeing dark shadows or angelic beings.   Yet, through all of this I was able to slowly grow in understanding that I was experiencing what the scientists were just beginning to acknowledge and  that there was something bigger going on within me and around me.  Question:  "How can you help someone else when you refused to listen, when you refused to ask for help and when you couldn't  even figure out how to bring your own self under control?"   Answer:  You couldn't.  Question:  "How could you help someone else when you didn't experience suffering yourself?"  Answer:  "You couldn't."      

Please take to heart what I've said as all I'm sharing with you is for your benefit.   

Light workers are spiritual markers positioned on your journey.  We stay on the sidelines, just outside of reach yet are on constant watch (yours) waiting to intervene on your behalf, at a moment's notice.   
We are here on this planet at what was agreed to be a predetermined time in order to help others.  I signed up for this mission to don a body suit and experience all the pleasures, pain, setbacks, joys, hardships and sorrows Life has to offer.  

There is a saying and one I wish you would consider adopting in your own lives for there is nothing nobler than surrendering one's life in service to others: 

Non nobis solum nati sumus
"Not for ourselves alone are we born" 
Marcus Tullius Cicero.