Thursday, January 5, 2017


I thought I'd do a post on something that I've referred to from time to time in order to more fully understand it.

What is the Matrix?

Quite simply the Matrix is a demonic hierarchy where a few powerful and very wealthy individuals have managed to secure powerful positions, (where they can make the rules) sitting at the top (kinda like a pyramid) where they look down on the rest of us and rule with an iron fist.  They use the other 2/3 of us for nefarious reasons such as fighting their wars, pitting one group against the other, spreading lies and rumours.  We're only a commodity, chattel to them.  We don't count only to the extent that we can be wielded into some force which will benefit them in some way (more voters, etc.) or groups with axes to grind and fomenting at the mouth to 'get somebody', storming through towns and malls and any other place where they can vent their perceived grievances, raining down death and destruction.

The Matrix is made up of people and governments, agencies and corporations, drug cartels, prostitution rings, tech giants and I'm sure there are some others I've forgotten to mention.

The Matrix is all for One and One for All --Itself .

It  instills fear into others with a warning that you don't mess with them or suffer the consequences.    

All together the Matrix is one big unit and has one thing in common --Control.    

When you get right down to it, we really are 'slaves' living out our lives inside a sticky web constructed by those whose only interest in life is their own.

Right after we're born which costs money ($$$) the hospital stamps our feet, like you would do for fingerprints.  They don't ask for permission from the parents as this is something the federal government or the state requires.   Then this is then filed away with our birth certificate and other papers, part of our "birth record".

But, who cares how big are feet are?

As we grow up and are ready for school the parents start to fork out big money ($$$) in the form of property taxes to help offset school costs plus funding necessary agencies such as local fire departments. 

Children aren't really being 'educated' today but are being instructed and indoctrinated into alternative lifestyles, how to dress and look good, who did what to whom and challenging authority instead of concentrating on the basics that will help get them through life:  Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

This indoctrination continues in the form of grooming kids to lean one way politically, while reprimanding them that the 'other' way is unacceptable.   Teaching them it's okay to leave responsibility to someone else as everything is free.

This grinder methodology continues into college.  --Control.  

It's interesting to note that the kids whose parents have money ($$$) go to the best schools while those not so well off have to put up with the public schools.  Why is this and how come we have the few with all the bucks and the rest of the populace is hung out to dry?  Is it because these rich kids count more than the poor kids?  --It's all part of the Matrix that's been set up where the rich keep getting richer and more powerful and keep their dominion over us.  In order to keep their stranglehold over humanity they keep the rest of us down.  --Control. 

To add insult to injury, there is a determined effort to keep parents from accessing alternative schooling for their youngsters.  Home schooling and charter schools are increasingly gaining favor among parents who are just plain fed up with public schools yet parents who advocate for them are increasingly coming under fire.  --Control.

Okay, now your kid has graduated from school.  In order to work the government says you have to have a Social Security Card.    This is so you, the worker, can pay into social security along with millions of others to keep the fund solvent and that social security is able to pay out the money due you when you retire.    It's like investing in yourself.

It doesn't matter that the talk is the government has squandered most of the money in the social security account in order to pay for other programs or that the current administration has put 42% of the American work force on vacation, who don't work and don't pay into social security as they are drawing federal welfare money, courtesy of the hardworking taxpayer.  --Control.   

This is further pressure on a government program that was set up to provide a safety net for workers as they aged, to help with expenses, after they retire.  The more workers the better the program works for all but if you have less and less workers then the money you set aside may one day not even be there for you when you need it.  Isn't it interesting that the real name for Social Security is The Social Security Trust Program?  The government just can't keep its hands off of a money maker, can they?  --Control.

Okay, obviously, in order to work you have to have a car.  First you pick one out then have to purchase it.  Most people don't have the cash on hand to buy one so they sign up for financing at a nice interest rate, of course ($$$).  So now you're paying for your car and you realize that you're not allowed to drive it without automobile insurance ($$$).  So now it's a car payment ($$$) plus an insurance payment ($$$). --necessary but still a form of Control.    

Okay, you've found a job and lucky for you it's paying well.  You're now working your butt off but you've met this swell girl or guy and you two have decided to tie the knot.  Now it's an engagement ring ($$$) and then marriage.  When it comes time to purchase a marriage license ($$$) you'll need a blood test along with more paperwork ($$$). 

*** And, don't forget health insurance (BIG BUCKS, $$$)  ***

The preparations for a marriage take about a year so get going.  Pick out your lovely gown ($$$) and don't forget the Maids of Honor's dresses, ($$$), the tux ($$$) the little ring bearer's suit or dress ($$$), the decorations ($$$), the floral bouquets ($$$), the church ($$$), the pastor or priest ($$$), the dance hall ($$$), the restaurant ($$$), the drinks ($$$), the band ($$$), not to mention all the presents ($$$) (well at least somebody else is paying for those, whew!).

Okay, so now you're married and are looking for someplace to live.  So, let's see it's either going to be a house ($$$) or an apartment ($$$).  Don't forget, you're now married and bringing in a nice income but wait, now there's a little one coming ($$$) and that means one of you may end up staying home or maybe not as there's day care ($$$).   Either way it's going to cost.   

Now you have to file taxes.  Let's see there's the W-9 and the I-9, this form and that form, the state sales tax, the federal income tax, the corporate and earned income taxes, city, county and municipal taxes.

And G-d help you if you file late because the government will penalize you ($$$) for it.   

And did I mention groceries?  ($$$).  Do you have any idea how much it costs to feed a family of three or four these days?

Then we have the politicians, the rich and powerful lurking in the Land of Oz, who sit behind mahogany desks drinking their bourbon and gin, pushing numbers around in the wee hours of the morning (when the rest of us are asleep) enacting legislation or signing Executive Orders to screw us, putting more restrictions on our lives thus making it harder and harder for us to keep going.

Now you're dead but guess what, that's going to cost, also.  Do you realize that to bury someone today costs around $7500.00 and the price is not going down (silly me) but continuing to go up.

Okay, you've trudged down the path you chose, you did your best and now, thank G-d, maybe you can get some rest.

Hold on and stop the presses!!!!  Someone from the government just found an unpaid tax bill and it's going to cost your family dearly seeing that you decided you were going to die two two years ago instead of now as all the interest and penalties have been adding up.

It's okay to have rules.  It's not okay to have rules for one privileged group of people and different rules for the rest of us.  It's not okay to make us obey the rules but you can just go thumbing your nose and continuing your plunder of people's minds and their wealth.

It's not okay to intimidate or downright murder others because they happen to believe a certain way or it violates their own personal set of ethics. 

It's not okay to harm or kill the unborn because of someone's personal agenda (or belief) that the world will be better off with fewer human beings.

How about stepping up to the plate and fixing poisoned water and providing clean sanitation and decent food and healthy living conditions for so many impoverished on this planet?

But no, to The Matrix, these people don't count and continue to rot and starve to death due to the inhumane circumstances they find themselves in.   

This is just a brief description of what the Matrix is.  I hope it helps you better understand what the term means and how we've all been and continue to be screwed by this demonic hierarchy that is slowly (I believe) coming to an end.   

Knowledge is Power.
     ~ Blessings,