Wednesday, January 4, 2017


We are moving forward toward an extraordinary happening, an Awakening.   The veil is lifting.  The Matrix is slowly crumbling.   We are going to see the Truth of our existence that is slowly making its way toward us.  We are not standing still but are moving slowly toward it, with hands outstretched in friendship and love.

Too many things are happening on this planet right now and in the skies over our heads to make me believe otherwise.

There are so many good people in this world who are making a difference in other people's lives but we never hear about them.  Ever wonder why?  The Matrix still keeps its control overe us by trapping us in a quagmire of lies, using deception and feeding on our weaknesses, controlling our actions, our thoughts, by what it decides we can see and hear.

But we know different.  We know that things are changing.    

We are here not by accident but by design.  We are beautiful creatures with so much potential if we would only acknowledge this to ourselves instead of falling for slick talk and false promises.

This year, unlike other years, is something special as we will all see in the not too distant future.  I believe this awakening will happen during my lifetime.

And I have had Enough!  --Let us throw off the yolk of depression, suppression and oppression and rise to the potential of our true selves.  You are a good person and so am I.  We have our faults, true, and our disagreements but Behold, We are a beautiful tapestry of vibrant colors and personalities and we all have chosen to walk the walk.

We are learning to love one another, to accept one another as our differences are what makes our species so unbelievably unique especially when we find that we have more in common then we thought.

Turn around and see who's standing next to you and realize that they are you and you are they.  We are all connected and the sooner we understand this the faster this Awakening will take place. 

So, you see, it's up to us to bring it on!

Let it be so....