Saturday, January 21, 2017

Health Check

How healthy is your community?

You could think of community as something that is actually a conscious entity, alive and vibrant, a place where people want to live, a place where people can raise families and start businesses, a place where the infrastructure is in place in order to do so, a place where people feel safe and are encouraged to fulfill their destinies, applauded and praised as they strive to be the best they can be.

A place where mutual respect is fostered between civilians and the essential elements necessary to handle emergencies and keep people safe. 

Too many of our communities have long been forgotten, lost long ago to blatant political backroom deals co-opted for and by political hacks engaged in fraudulent practices including money laundering, skimming, lies, deceptive and illegal practices.

Fear mongering is another tool that is employed to keep people divided and apart from one another instead of encouraging them to get to know one another and learning that we have far more in common than what we don’t as we come together in mutual respect, love and unity.     

These practices have for too long led to deteriorating relationships, buildings and streets, poor sanitation and an overall lack of concern for the people.        

Much too often we’ve left the fate of the people left behind to those who only care about how much they can profit off of their misery or how much they can continue to fan the flame of hate and division, all the while raising a toast after they’ve managed to squander the necessary monies set aside to help, opting instead to pocket it themselves, then smiling as they’ve managed, once again, to pull off another conquest of the human spirit.

I, for one, am tired of this.

If we, as the human species, are to ascend as a brotherhood united and dedicated to the well being of all, then we must get involved and demand that things change.    There has been enough division, sacrifice, war, racial tension and strife on this planet.

We owe it to each one of us, no matter our color, our sexual orientation, our political preference or our spiritual beliefs, that we are here to help one another, not destroy one another. 

We are “Here for One and One for All.”      

Too long an elite group of usurpers has had a stranglehold on humanity and I say it stops here and it stops now. 

If we don’t do this, who will?  
     ~ Nightshade