Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Just Another Ordinary Day

Okay, you wake up, get out of bed, stagger to the bathroom, look in the mirror, fumble around for your toothbrush, layer it with toothpaste and stick it in your mouth.  Your day has started.  A cup of coffee and maybe a piece of toast and you're off to the races.  Let's see, you either have to be at work, looking bright eyed and bushy tailed or you're doing chores, like me, letting the chickens out and tending to livestock.  We all have assigned ourselves certain tasks whether it be a 9 - 5 job or otherwise.   Routines can be painstakingly boring yet are necessary to our way of life as if we didn't show up for work or feed the animals, we'd lose our jobs or animals would starve.  And there's the  extraordinarily important part that in order to pay our bills, we have to generate the money to do so.  Life for all of us is mundane with maybe a few 'shock and awe' moments in which we can become momentarily unplugged and disconnected from our own engineered view of reality and plunged headlong into depths of our being we've never experienced.  How do you know when and if these events will happen?  Well the answer is, we don't.  They come along, unexpectedly and can savagely uproot us from our comfort zones, injecting confusion and chaos into our lives.    I have learned that there are things I can control in my life and things I cannot.  I have learned that in order to make it through Life, I have to get in the flow.  In order to do this, I had to surrender myself to something higher because I've learned, through much pain and many mistakes--that allowing Ego to make my decisions for me has brought me more pain than I can deal with.  One of the biggest reasons we're here is learning to connect with our Higher Selves (Spirit).  All of us are prone to believing that we don't need any help, that we can make it on our own.  -- Wrong.  At some point in our life we just may have an experience that will humble us to the point where we will be altered and changed spiritually, giving us the real perspective on life and why we are here.  It is called Growth.  And with these life experiences comes the ability to overcome unless you choose to ignore this most basic and fundamental marker on your transit here.  And we're not alone on our journey--we have company.  Yes, each day is the "same ole, same ole" but, unbeknownst to us is just how close we may have come to disaster during the day, a disaster we weren't even aware of and all because of a Guardian Angel who was assigned to watch over you.  So, I'll ask again, "It's just another ordinary day or, is it"?
      ~ Blessings,