Saturday, December 10, 2016


Where do you fit in?  Have you found your place in the world yet? 

Where you belong? 

First it is important to acknowledge that just being here, experiencing this thing called life, is a privilege denied to many so ask yourselves, don't we really need to make our life count for something? 

As we transit through this medium called life, that allows us to exist and expand and grow it is important to recognize that each one of us is part of a greater celestial plan.  And that each one of us has worth, no one has more than the other. 

We all arrive here the same way, hapless and helpless, wet and crying because we've been pushed out into an alien world, exiting a warm sanctuary that has nurtured us for nine months.

We've started our earthly journey.  

I remember growing up and just wanting to stay in bed.  Life was just, well, too big, scary and I was frightened.  I believed that nothing could hurt me, nothing could get to me if I just stayed undercover.

Slowly, I realized that this wasn't going to work.  Life found me anyway.

I could run but I couldn't hide.  

Each one of us has been gifted with unique talents.  A unique mind and unique skills.  Some of us instinctively know who and what we want to be when we grow up but for most of us, though, it takes time to figure out what's inside us and how these things sync together.  This is just part of the growing process we all experience from embryo to full fledged adult.

It's really quite exciting if you think about it--we start out as toddlers, stumbling, falling and fumbling around, eventually growing up and making it to the point where we're able to make intelligent decisions, figuring out who and what we are and learning to take control of our own lives.

Give yourselves some time. 

This is how we all start out but it certainly would make a difference to have some help along the way such as parents, teachers, mentors, pastors, priests and role models.

And another thing we need to learn is how to listen. 

We're all good at talking, especially when it comes to ourselves, but much helpful and necessary information will come to us and help us on our journey if we just take the time to listen.   

"Listen or your tongue will make you deaf" 
Native American proverb