Saturday, May 13, 2017

Bird on a Wire

I am folding in on myself,
    drawing all four corners over me
Like a heavy blanket
I have become numb to the world
     of wishes and desires
They hold no meaning, anymore
They're all lies and empty gestures anyway
We’re all in a numbed and false dream state
Down here
Standing like good little soldiers,
All in a row
We believe in hope but are rewarded with false  promises
We bow to fake gods and fake goddesses 
In a fiery effort to consume ourselves
One moment my day was sunny and bright
Then bitter cold
The temperature plummeted
There was no time
To fly away and hide
My fate was sealed 
Flash frozen in place on a high wire
The people will come by the hundreds  
To watch 
They will mill around, feasting on popcorn and
     drinking soda
Talking on their cell phones and taking pictures
No one will bother to take me down
The thought will never occur to them
They are just robots
They will wonder, “how come, what happened?”
But I know the truth,
All words, 
     Empty words, hollow words