Saturday, May 27, 2017

The World is Not Enough

It's time for prayer.  Prayer is going to be our sustaining help and guide through the hazardous times we're in and the hazardous times ahead.  There are many signs giving us clues as to trouble spots.  One is North Korea and a cruel dictator whose sole mission in life is to forcibly subjugate its people and nuke somebody; ISIS - that has now proclaimed that pretty much all of us are fair game as it engages in a world wide war of exterminating any and all who do not believe in its terrorist ideology;  impaired politicians and Hollywood stars who bemoan the fact that we need to coexist with one another (duh! even though there are those who don't want to coexist but only exterminate).  It's our fault.  History has taught us time and time again that you cannot live with a cold-blooded killer.  If you look closely at the news you can see where a great deal of the problem lies.  The left wing ideology is one of complete tolerance as long as it concerns one of their own but deception, fraud and lies against an opponent.  We have seen on too many sad occasions that the world cannot sustain itself on only half truths or no truth.  The news media is much to blame for causing the growing chaos divide and confusion in the world.  When I am allowed to  clearly see someone trying to make the world a better place, one who steadfastly refuses to give rise to and exalt hatred and violence, then he or she is the good guy.  When I see someone who constantly and wrongly accuses, using disinformation or no information and engaging in stirring up trouble, then he or she is the bad guy.  Too many world leaders and governments have let us down.   And too many of them have ignored warning signs that create rogue nations and terrorist groups.  Is this being done on purpose?  I bet we'd be surprised at the truth behind this question.  So, we've determined we can't rely on those who are in positions to protect us so what's the solution?  --We need to insert ourselves into the conversation, engaging in the serious matters that will ultimately shape our destinies, learning how to protect ourselves, our families, our way of life.  No one, no one is going to do this for us but us.