Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Breath of Fresh Air

For all of you experiencing anxiety, confusion, fear and are just feeling down or actively under some type of attack from malevolent and unwanted sources I  recommend smudging.    It's a simple and sacred act that will not only cleanse your home, office or space from unwanted energy but will also aid in boosting your spirit and clearing your mind.   You will need to buy some bundled sage (available through the internet), matches or a lighter,  a feather to fan the sacred smoke and a device (abalone shell or some other fireproof container in which to catch the embers).    This purification ritual, I believe, is vitally important and becoming even more so in view of all the mayhem going on around the world and happening to us.  Open one window to let the unwanted energy escape.  A prayer of intent is offered as you move from room to room smudging and cleansing the air.  I will provide some links to get you started.    This will work for anyone who is in need of help.