Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Your Assignment (If You Choose to Take It)

Welcome to Earth

Life 101:  Problems, fears, coping, overcoming, hopes, successes, obstacles, addictions, challenges, failures.  We're all on a grueling trip down here and we better learn how to make the best of it.  The first thing I would encourage each of us is to embrace our humanity and cherish each and every day because we never know when it will be our last day on planet earth.     

Our learning has to do with #1:  Coming to grips with our strengths and weaknesses.  #2:  Empowering our strengths and overcoming our weaknesses.  #3:  Karma and making amends for past injustices; #4:  Learning about love and humility and patience in order to serve others.  #5:  Defining ourselves (who we are and who we want to be).  But, make no mistake , this journey we're on is fraught with peril and danger.

We start out innocent babes and gradually grow up with all we need to make it through life.  Or, on the other hand are unfortunate to be immediately handicapped with no support from anyone.  Instead of becoming who and what we are we now find ourselves victims of sexual abuse, drug overdoses, bullying, senseless violence.  Isn't this fact pretty evident that we better get a grip on what we want to do with our lives early on before we're sucked into the evil that constantly surrounds us?  How many of us have been mentored by someone who truly cares about us and where we're heading?  There are responsible parents and school teachers, clergy and inspirational speakers helping us along our way but for the vast majority many more are sidetracked by evil and swoon to vices that eventually strangle anything good and decent inside them.  Instead of growing inward and upward they start to shrivel up, drop off the radar or, just drop dead.  What this world sorely needs is a spiritual leader who can bring all of us together.  A person who can inspire and motivate us, emphasizing our beautiful humanity, our oneness, our connection to each other thus bringing all of us under one  cosmic umbrella of consciousness.  A being who has been to earth a thousand times before, learning to become the G-d filled mentor humanity so urgently needs ~ a Peace Maker. 
Enjoy this music from Chris Potter:
     Love and Peace,