Friday, May 12, 2017

Pitch Black

This world we inhabit was constructed thus so:  by malevolent entities who were tasked to do so and who labored over this behemoth of a project for millions of years.   The construct to be engineered was to sit atop a foundation with four walls, one entrance door, one exit door, a roof but no windows.  The two doors would allow for those entities to enter who had been previously screened and accepted and the back door was for those who managed to get inside with credentials that looked good at first glance but then were found to be lacking.  They would be whisked away never to be seen from or heard from, again.  The world these dark and evil visionaries envisioned and would inhabit would be conceived undercover and in total darkness as this was where they would do all their dirty work.  The reason for no windows was there was no light to shine on their dirty work thus exposing them so no need for any windows.  It was only after the foundation was laid and the rest of the work completed did they become aware that something was very wrong in their calculations.  Once the error was discovered they tried their best to hide it because they figured if they were the only ones who knew, why bother broadcasting it let alone fixing it?  But, to their dismay they were immediately found out, rounded up and hauled off to the boss' office.  He wasted no time in humiliating and excoriating them as to what the hell happened as they had been given specific oral and written instructions as to how the whole thing was to be put together.  After a sound drubbing they were escorted out of the room and back to work to fix it.  What to do?  Admit they had made a mistake?  Admit they had screwed up?  No, they couldn't do this as  bloated egos and their monstrous prides would not allow.  The flaw?  --darkness is an absence of light yet, within the confines of the universe it is well known that you cannot have one without the other.  How could they have missed this?  Maybe it had to do with the fact that they were so impressed with themselves that they could do no wrong or that they had devious things to do undercover or, the embarrassingly yet obvious and very painful fact that when one's ego is exposed to the light any faults are laid bare and thus, have to be dealt with.  They consulted briefly with one another and lamented as to how they could redeem what was left of their worthless hides and  begrudgingly put together a plan.  They would make the long trek back to the main hall and unlock  the heavy metal door leading down to the hidden vault.  They would insert the key, open the door and traverse down the steep steps until they came to another door and inserted the second key.  Once this door was opened they would break the seal on the front of the vault which was covered all over in cuneiform script, and retrieve their engineering schematics.  Sweat beaded across brows and foul odors permeated the air.  "Who would lead the way?" One was chosen.  They then decided that once the document was retrieved they would find a way to blame their mistake on someone or something else.   Sound familiar? 

I have to ask you, has anything changed since the world began?