Saturday, May 20, 2017

In Due Time

~And the rose unfolds in due time~ 
Have you noticed how long it takes to get to know something of yourself?  You work tirelessly trying to figure something out about why you did this but didn't do that.  Then, a light bulb turns on.   You're now experiencing an awareness of self you never had before.  You never gave your life a second thought to the hows and why or how beautiful and intricately complex it is but trudged through life thinking of yourself as a thin sheet of veneer or a cardboard cutout.  Only one layer of existence.  You would always react this way but not that way.  But now you just learned there's a lot more to you than you thought.  In fact you just tapped into something that showed you that there are many different levels of consciousness.  Human beings are comprised of layers.  We find accessing our inner selves hard to impossible.  In order to achieve this we must first have the desire to do so and then work toward it.  Meditation, prayer, good counsel and yes, life experiences, whether good or bad will help us along this personal journey of discovery.  The first level of consciousness we will experience is   Level 1, Awareness.  (You must first be aware of something before you can make contact with it) Then comes Level 2, Contact.  Finally, Level 3, Understanding.  This process of learning to know oneself could take several years to a lifetime.  We may work hard toward this goal but are unsure if we'll even make it.  Then when all hope is lost the universe steps in and rewards us with exactly what we desired to know.  How many layers do we have?  I don't know but based on my own personal experience, there are many.    Of course we all have free will in which we can work toward this level of understanding or don't care to.  But what a human tragedy, what a terrible waste of a human being that it exists only to exist and knows nothing else.   
     ~ Nightshade