Sunday, July 19, 2015


The words you think
Define your Day
Define your Path
Define your Way

If brain is clouded
From too much drinking
If drugs in bloodstream
Have addled thinking

Then you can’t progress,
For Ego has transgressed
That part of you
Who has real worth

That part of you
Who lies, unearthed

You’ve given birth to your
Own decay
You are now just steps
From becoming a Victim
Of Foul Play

They will make a mockery
Of your life
You’re every waking moment,

Understand they have no pity
Do not think I’m being witty
They take no prisoners
And act in stealth

They’re only interest is in

They’ll steal your mind
Your body, soul
And exact a mighty toll
So be forewarned,

Lest your Fate unfold