Sunday, July 26, 2015

In His Hands

A lot can happen in just a few short days.

On July 6, I was out shopping and had a breathing problem in which I wound up in the ER.

I was advised to stay in the hospital for a few more days so that took care of July 7th and 8th.

The evening of July 20th (sometime after 8 pm and into the early morning on July 21st (don't know which) my dog, Abby, went missing.

I searched for her everywhere.  She is nowhere to be found.

One minute she is here, the next minute she is gone.

Nope, Nada, no warning signs.  Abby just vanished.    

The evening of July 20th around 8 pm, I gave her a large can of Alpo Dog Food, mixed in with her dry food and treated her to a large ham bone.

I lifted up her soft, furry head and looked into her sad eyes which are so big and suck you right in, they are so full of love.    

I patted her and told her how much I loved her.

When I left, she was laying down, contentedly munching on her bone.

The next day, July 21, around 5:00 a.m,, I headed out, down the road.  

At approximately 6:45 a.m. I made contact.  The sun was just beginning to come up.  

There was a large noise as the airbags exploded around me.  There was no time to react, no time to hit the brakes, no time for anything--Nope, Nada.

I don't know how I managed to get the car to the side of the road but I did.  It took some minutes to get my act together as I fumbled for my phone to call 911.

I really cannot recall all the details.

You know how you are in the midst of something so horrific that your brain momentarily shuts down, the synapses stop firing but your body keeps on moving, like a robot, doing what it needs to do.

Your brain is trying to reassess and get its act together.          

The deer which I hit, head on, was now behind the car.

I wish someone had witnessed this but there were no other vehicles on the road.

I believe, when I struck the deer, it went up and over my car, landing behind me.

I was travelling at 75 mph which was the legal speed limit for the highway I was on.

There was no warning--Nope, Nada.

There was no creepy feeling that something was going to happen.

There was no nagging thought that I needed to be watching out for "something".

Nope, Nada,

I have travelled this road many times before.  It is wide open.  A four lane, divided highway with a large grassy median and open fields on both sides.  No trees, no bushes, no nothing.

This deer literally, came out of nowhere.

Think about this...what are the odds of someone hitting a deer, travelling at 75 mph, completely destroying the vehicle they are in and living to blog about it?  

Interesting that just before I headed out, I reached into the glove box and took out the St. Michael Pendant I had placed there, for protection, on June 21, 2015, this Father's Day.

This lends a whole different meaning to "Fathers" Day.

The accident took place exactly one month later, to the day.  Interesting.    

If I had left the house just 5 minutes earlier or just 5 minutes later, do you think this accident would have occurred?

So, it all came together in one moment, in a fraction of time, a convergence of energy and force.

Someone or some thing was definitely looking out for me.

What are the odds (1 in how many 000000000000's?) of someone travelling on an open road at 75 mph and, at just the precise time being hit by a deer which had to weigh at least 150 pounds and live to tell about it?

This experience, in which my life was spared, led to my meeting the car salesman who would sell me my new car.

Come to find out, he had an incredible experience to share, of his own.

He had been on top of the world, he was bringing in a nice chunk of change, riding high and then, without warning, (Nope, Nada) he lost everything.    

He lost his home, his job and half a million along with all his material possessions.    

He was forced to move in with his in laws and is just now able to secure a nice home for he and his family.  

His experience made him question everything he ever knew about anything.

His experience brought him to his knees, humbling him but he told me it also deepened his faith in God.

He can't change what is happening in the world today but he has made his peace with God.

If it's his time to go, so be it.

Material possessions have no value to him anymore.

Is it not interesting that this accident led to my meeting this individual who is now a friend, an individual who shares many of the same beliefs I do and is very aware of what is happening all around us and to us, on this planet?  

There is a saying, "God Works in Mysterious Ways".

What matters to both of us on this planet are human beings and their well being.

Our family, our loved ones, our friends.

We had a long conversation and agreed on most everything.

We both see what is happening in the world today, global strife, fears of economic collapse, wars and rumors of wars and savagery against other human beings that is off the chart.

Evil and wickedness are running amok on this planet.

But there's something else going on, something that is unmistakable.

It is the Hand of the Creator and how He shows up every once in a while to let you know He's there.

Maybe the painful experiences we go through are meant for a reason.

Maybe an accident in which the odds of someone living through it are for a reason.

Maybe it's because you have a purpose in Life and God just isn't done with you yet.

You need to get out there and fulfill what you came here to do.

So, what's stopping you?  --Get Going.

Maybe you're an unbeliever, someone who thinks they can take care of themselves, all by themselves, thank you very much--that you don't need God or anybody else in your life to show you the way.

Why, you can make it through life, hands down.

I have news for you,

Nope, Nada.