Friday, July 3, 2015

July 4, 2015 - Independence Day

Isn’t it time we get past our grievances and grudges and put our demons to rest? 
We are all Americans.  We live here.  This is the country we reside in, the communities we work in and where we raise our children. 
We are of different ethnic origins, of African descent, Asian descent, Hispanic descent, Native American but first and foremost, aren’t we all Americans first?
Isn’t it interesting that the few rule the many.
They feed on us, like Zombies, gorging themselves as we foam at the mouth, voicing our anger, our rage, our discontent, our hatred for something or someone.      
I have news for you.
We are all damned lucky to be living here and not somewhere else as your chance of survival in some other country is dire, at best.    
Have we not learned anything at all about showing respect and courtesy and decency toward one another?
Have we not learned anything at all about what it means to be a human being?
Aren’t we all just a little bit tired of all the violence, the fear mongering, the lies, the bellicose politicians and other belligerent, self-serving individuals who openly encourage and salivate at the chance to foment more unrest while all they really care about is lining their already filthy rich pockets?
They continue to function solely on how much more unrest they can foster.
I think more and more we’re beginning to see through the scam.      
Aren’t we all just a little bit tired of seeing good people of all colors, all walks of life, who have worked so hard for what they have, their communities, their businesses, their homes, their churches, their schools, their way of life, literally go up in smoke because of anarchists who are given the green light to go out and rampage, terrorize, burn, loot and steal? 
Haven’t we all had enough?
Isn’t it time we all come together as one nation, one people?
We have serious problems in this country that are not being addressed. 
We have Black on Black crime that is off the chart, homelessness, alcoholism, lawlessness, hopelessness, drugs and despair in many poor communities throughout this country continually being ignored by the politicians.
But they are the first ones to blame, the first ones to complain, when a police officer does his job and all because he’s White and the perpetrator is Black.
We now have open vilification of law enforcement so much so that many of them are wondering if it’s worth the effort to go out and serve and protect anymore.
This affects ALL of us. 
Our military men and women's needs are flagrantly being ignored to the detriment of their health, their well-being and their commitment and service to this country.  
I tell you folks, if we don’t get our acts together, and put aside our differences, we will be confronted by the unknown and in a very serious way.
I don’t know if you’re aware or not but we now have in this country, literally numbers of people who only wish to do us harm. 
And it won’t matter what the color of your skin is. 
Don’t you think we need to be doing some “community organizing” of our own?
Organizing barbeques, cookouts, and get togethers so we can get to know each other better. 
In coming together as one unit, friends and families, business owners, mayors and neighbors we will be better able to address the challenges inherent in our neighborhoods, in our communities and attacking these problems head on.   
Can we please stop the finger pointing and blame?
And, we don’t need any more laws.
The document we all live by, The United States Constitution, has already guaranteed liberty and justice for all. 
Too bad the politicians continue to ignore it.    
The bottom line is this:
We, as a People, as a Nation, cannot afford anymore division, anymore mayhem or anymore chaos in this country.
We are going to need all the resolve and courage we can muster, together, to face unknown challenges that undoubtedly lie just ahead.