Friday, July 31, 2015

We Are the Barbarians

The latest revelation that Planned Parenthood is in the business of selling baby parts should not shock anyone.

I would bet that there are those in Congress, the media and elsewhere who have known about this for some time but chose to look the other way, probably because of a myriad of self-serving opportunities that were more important.  

Taking of a human life is against the Creator and there is no way you can spin this.

To give you some history....

Margaret Sanger started The American Birth Control League in 1921 which eventually became The Planned Parenthood Foundation of America in 1942.

Under President Nixon, Planned Parenthood started receiving federal funding in 1970.

Both parties gave their endorsement.  Conservatives felt this would keep people off of welfare while Liberals championed that it would give people control over their lives.

Today, Planned Parenthood is available to over 3 million women in the United States but something I did not know, it supports services for over 1 million outside the United States.

First of all, I respect a "Woman's Right to Choose".

But, what about a "Baby's Right to Choose".

They have been denied a choice have they not?

So when we speak of "Pro Choice" we are only speaking on behalf of the mother, not the infant.

Somewhere, somehow, we've forgotten this small detail.

If a woman has been raped or incest is involved, one can see the horrible dilemma she is in and the mental anguish she is going through.

But, to use abortion as a means to end an unwanted pregnancy just because you messed up, doesn't cut it in my book.

And, one has to wonder if the abortion industry has morphed into being just a clear cut form of population control.  

We've forgotten that a developing baby, a fetus, is alive. .

Granted, it's not a "complete" human being (as it is in its first stages of development) as it's allowed to develop and be nurtured and protected inside a womb which is the means by which it can become a complete human being.

And we have to wonder about the women who would risk a procedure that might, very well, end their life along with their baby.

How do you arrive at such a point in your life that this is the decision you finally make?

To suck out this little being or more horribly, to allow a baby to come full term and then suck out its brain, in order to kill it is one of the most nauseating, gut wrenching and despicable acts a human being could do to another human being.

And to sanction an organization by forcing taxpayers to pay for these grisly procedures, thus giving credibility to an organization who touts itself as the saviour of a mother's right to choose but has no problem with destroying a baby and then using its body parts (as we just can't let another opportunity pass us by to make a profit) is barbaric.

And the only reason we're hearing a hue and cry now, having hearings and investigations into this is because Congress, the media and others were caught with their pants down and their pee pees hanging out and they're all running for cover.

All because of an undercover video.

Makes one wonder what else is going on in this country that the people are unaware of.

What f****n Hypocrisy.

Thank God for those with courage who take it upon themselves to video these ghouls as they sublimely sip their wine and poke through their artisan salad, salivating at the thought of tearing little baby bodies apart.

All for the purpose of making a profit from their dead remains.