Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cherish the Moment

 As a "Light Worker", as a reincarnated soul, and identifying myself as a "Goth", I have come to the belief that I have experienced many past life incarnations into the Dark Side and have reached the point in my spiritual development, where I have opted to embrace the Light over the Dark.

And, my purpose for being here is to enable and help you on your own personal journey here on earth.

I post many articles and videos of interest to me that I hope will enlighten all, that in the universe, there is always two sides to everything.

It is called Balance.

When the dark overcomes the light, however, it creates an Imbalance.

That is precisely where we are, right now, on this planet.

I don't know how evil started.  I don't know if it was part of God's Plan.  Maybe humanity brought it upon themselves.  All I know is that all of us are dealing with it in many different ways and in many different forms.

I believe that earth is on a threshold, not looking down into the abyss but finding its footing and able to coalesce more souls into an awareness that there is more to life than birth, suffering and death.

I really won't know what Life is all about until I experience Death, as all of us will.

I stepped out onto my porch this morning, cup of coffee in hand, to watch the sunrise.

Muted colors stretched across the horizon of peach, fiery orange and purple.

I gave thanks to God for all He has given me, my failures in which (hopefully) I've learned something; my gift of mentoring and healing those who come to me for help and guidance, and an earnest prayer that He will keep me on His Path as I make my transit.  

I already know what I want to be when I come back.  And I definitely will come back.

And I have chosen Earth (again).  I love Earth.

Have you ever stopped and studied a leaf?  Have you ever taken your finger and followed its fine and intricate pattern?  What a marvel of nature.

What is water?  We use it everyday o brush our teeth, do our laundry, take a bath, but what, exactly is it?

How about meandering down a garden walkway and being able to smell a thousand fragrant roses that line your path?

Have you ever talked to a tree or heard one talk to you?

Stand beneath one and listen for the wind.  Wait as its branches move and its leaves rustle softly back and forth in soft sighs.

Fireflies soar and dance as they flicker and dart among the trees.

A graceful dragonfly lands on a nearby fence and fans its wings to absorb the sun's rays.

A spider spins her lacy web and you watch, in amazement, as she moves back and forth, spinning her beautiful tapestry.

One dew drop balances precariously at the end of a leaf as you watch gravity have its way and it tumbles off and down into the soft grass.    

A blue bird keeps you company as she sings her sweet song and all for the purpose of keeping you company while you go about your gardening.

The cattle are moving slowly across the meadow and you can hear the chomp, chomp, chomp as they pull bunches of succulent sweet grass into their sloppy mouths.

A mother gives birth to a baby.  She hurts, she is tired and weary and sweaty from heaving to and fro but all that fades as her eyes are focused and full of wonderment and love as she gazes down at her newborn.

The moon rises and sets.

Little miracles.

BTW, last night, July 31st, was a Blue Moon.

A Blue Moon occurs when two full moons happen in one month.

The next time we will experience a Blue Moon is in the year 2018.

Will this be your last?  --Life is fleeting.

The warmth from our star, the sun, is felt by everyone on this planet

The earth is harmonious and in rhythm with the universe.

Isn't it time the Human Race follow suit?