Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I just had a long, heartfelt talk with someone.

There are so many people out there struggling with issues.

My heart goes out to all of you who are just about at your wits end.

How can I help?

Some of you prefer to stay right where you are while others are determined to rise above their tormentors and seek help.

Your choice is based upon how much control you feel you have over your situation and just how far down the slippery slope you are.  --you may say, "I still have time to turn my situation around".

Maybe you're one who has lost your home, your family along with your job because you just can't stop taking one more drink, snorting one more snort or sticking a needle in your arm.  

Do you believe in miracles?  Are you the type who can fall on your knees and plead for help?

Spiritual intervention--believe me, it can come at just the right moment--try it, will you please?

So what about those who don't want to participate in their own recovery as they like things just the way they are?  

How do they manage to keep on going?

Well, they will continue to keep going but we all know (except them, obviously) that it will be only up to a point--many will not make it to the finish line.

The human mind is capable of absorbing both good and bad and is susceptible to many different forces and temptations.  

The human body is a vessel that enjoys pleasure and comfort but can become problematic when it persistently derives its pleasure not from family, friends and faith but from an unlimited supply of poison that is deliberately being produced and made available to countless millions.    

There are those in this world who continue to prey upon these weak and hapless individuals, encouraging their addiction.  .

This is how they derive their money and stay in power.

These slugs are the scum of the earth.

We, collectively, are all responsible for one another on this planet.

And, we have an obligation to intervene when we see someone self-destructing.

The choice will ultimately be theirs as to how they want to proceed in life but in a fraction of a second you hold their life (their outcome) in your hands.

Whether they choose to heed the warning you deliver and realize they need to make some changes or whether they choose to remain right where they are, you at least tried to alter another human being's dangerous path.

Each time we send out a positive vibe or signal or make a positive gesture, the universe reacts, in kind.

It's kinda like a symbiotic relationship.

We're the transmitter--they're the receiver and vice versa.

We get back what we give out.  

We are moving forward toward a collective consciousness on this planet.

You see it playing out today on t.v., and on the internet.

The internet is this planet's game changer.

Let's hope it doesn't eventually and completely fall into the wrong hands.

We can see that some malignant evil doers are up to speed regarding how powerful the internet's voice is and are using it to channel messages of violence and hate.

But there are powerful forces (supernatural) out there in the universe that are overseeing everything going on, down here.

In time, they will visibly and unabashedly, make their presence known to all of earth's inhabitants.

Evil may think it can get away with anything but I've got news for it--"ain't gonna happen, baby".

Today we see a change occurring.

People are no longer listening to talking heads and ingesting their political dribble.

They are actually taking an active part, participating in and bringing forth a new world order--not the one being pushed down our throats by the elites but one that will bring forth a new sense of brotherhood and well being, peace, prosperity and harmony to all peoples on this planet.

That's not to say the power brokers in charge will just fold.

Chances are they will become even more emboldened because they fear they're losing control.

For once they're right.