Monday, August 3, 2015

Bend Over

Prepare for what's coming - as we don't have much time left.

I am seeing, reading and my gut feeling is that big changes are in for Americans this year and ones they may be wholly unprepared for and ones they definitely will not like.

In other words, if you haven't prepared by now, if you happen to be one of those who thinks that nothing bad is going to happen here (because it can't...we live in America) you're in for a rude awakening.

With a dishonorable and ignoble President in office and his penchant for destruction, his reckless unwillingness to live up to the oath he took, his enacting regulation after regulation with one end result forcing coal plants into bankruptcy, (these coal fired plants happen to fuel the homes of many living in rural communities), encouraging people who have nothing but hatred in their hearts against Americans to come here and continue their reign of terror by murdering and raping and then allowing them sanctuary, fostering and encouraging an atmosphere of hatred between groups of people, threatening American military personnel with court martial because they dared to carry out the oath they honorably took (while Obama turned his back on his) to protect and defend their brothers, berating law enforcement and a host of other things, many can now see who Obama really is.

Obama is nothing but a liar, a cruel and cunning despotic thug who managed to acquire the highest office of the land and all with the help of the American voter.

Well guess what, it's too late for you, too late for me.

Too late for all of us.

For those of us who were born to parents who left their families, their jobs, their homes to go out and fight a European Tyrant, Adolf Hitler, during WWII, whose parents risked everything to keep America safe, along with the world, who weren't afraid of hard work, who paid their bills and didn't do drugs or opt to go on welfare, (the welfare we had back then was in our own two hands...not the federal government) this country has decidedly changed for the worse.

Of course, a country only reflects the leaders it elects.

I have no pity for those who refuse to acknowledge the situation we are in, which is fast approaching a state of desperation.

They deserve what they get.

Trouble is, their wanton ignorance, their stupidity is coming back to bite all of us.

There is a slow burn occurring across the land.

Not one fostered by the White House and its depraved minions, but one that undercuts anything a tyrant can do.

It is a firm resolve, a steady hand, a square look in the eye, an underlying belief and faith in a just God, in the American people and their country.

During WWII, the Japanese Admiral, Isoroku Yamamoto feared that he had "Wakened a Sleeping Giant".

Well, guess what, he did.

And, it looks like history is repeating itself.

Steady as you go lads.....