Friday, August 21, 2015

New York, New York

This morning I walked past the old sign next to the garage as I do every morning.

The sign reads, "Trust me....".

But, for some reason, this time. an additional word was inserted.      

In a flash of cognition the sign now read, "Trust in me".

This was one of those special moments when you are unexpectedly blessed with some type of spiritual insight.    --a moment in time

Thank you G-d.

I just posted a video of a group called Night Wish. --great group, BTW.

Thousands of adoring, cheering fans swaying back and forth in unison, giving signs of support, the enthusiastic happy, palpable energy of the crowd being clearly felt by all.

People were alive with excitement and came to listen, enjoy and then leave to go back to their homes maybe a bar or hang out with their friends.   --a moment in time    

I just posted a video regarding an imminent financial collapse taking place in September of this year.

Now I don't know if this is going to happen or not.

But what I do know is that there are many things being covered up that surface, every once in a while, to the angst of those "in charge".  Because, of course, they don't want us peasants to know.

There is a particularly interesting link that you may want to visit concerning the views of a Rabbi and what he perceives is imminent, what is facing us, what is now looming at our front gate.

I don't agree or disagree with what is said I'm just passing this on so you can decide for yourselves:

It is:

There is also another post on this blog that something of a financial nature of "historic proportions" is about to happen.

What I do know is that we inhabit a planet way out in space.

It has a sun (a star) a moon and is susceptible to being hit by asteroids, meteors and comets, its sun can torpedo a massive wave of solar radiation our way that can take down our telecommunications, power plants, and automobiles.

Any one of these "things" could cause massive devastation on this planet.  

Our weather can and has produced droughts, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, blistering heat, ice storms and severe cold.  

Our planet is home to many interesting forms of life.

But one thing is for certain--people, countries and civilizations have come and gone.

So why would we 21st century humans think it couldn't happen to us?

Because we're so full of ourselves and so arrogant that we just can't help ourselves in proclaiming our importance (and ignorance) and continue to brazenly chide  and push the limits of the boundaries that protect us, keeping things under control?    

This planet ebbs and flows according to the fixed and fundamental laws of the cosmos.

Human beings have not yet realized that they are subject to these very same laws.  

We all know if you're not prepared to adhere to and respect the laws of mother nature, then you're more than likely going to be putting your life at risk especially if you're from New York and, say, move to Alaska.

You didn't bother to study and bone up on this new place you've moved to.  You were more enamored with the scenery and the myriad of quaint little towns and the cute, tiny little roadside cafes.  

You never read up on the weather and could care less about the critters that make their home there.

You're unprepared for living out in the bush with bears and wolves and incredible weather that can start out normal but then, with very little warning, go from bad to worse.    

Ah, you think you can handle things because you're from New York.  You have a nice chunk of change in your bank account and picked out just the right place to build your little cabin.  

It's half built and you're living in a camper until it's finished.

But now the builders inform you that you'll have to wait until spring before they come back.

You decided you wanted no more of the city life but the country--why, you can make it on your own.

The warning signs are already showing up--you don't have enough propane to last through the winter.

You can't just call up the local propane dealer and have a fill up as he's 200 miles away and the weather is closing in.  He tells you, "sorry, can't make it--have to wait till the blizzard is over and then, maybe we'll see (if I can plow my way through all the snow).

You should have started cutting some timber to have on hand (in the event of an emergency) but you still haven't learned how to use that chain saw you bought and your neighbors are too busy felling and cutting up trees, gathering up all the firewood they can to keep themselves warm through the winter).  --Screw you

You decided you'd try out those stupid looking snow shoes and venture out in the middle of a frozen lake bed.

Now you realize you've lost your way.

You see a pack of very hungry wolves skulking along the timber line and guess what, they've spotted you.

You were sure you had that compass in your backpack but now you realize you don't.

Every which way you turn it looks the same.  There are no tracks showing where you came from because its been snowing the whole time.  --a moment in time (and it may be your last one)

In the cosmos as well as Life there are rules, foundations, laws and boundaries.

They are there for a reason.

To help us, to guide us, protect us.

When we ignore those boundaries we find ourselves in uncharted territory.

What, exactly, do you think will happen?

Prepare now.

Only you know and your family knows what needs to be done.

To begin with, take stock of how much food you have, how much cash you have on hand and anything else that you feel is important to your own personal situation.  

Do whatever you think is necessary and prudent, now, to protect your families.

I'm just sayin...

Don't be like that guy from New York.