Saturday, August 22, 2015


We are transitioning into Autumn here. 

On the 19th of August I stood outside and could hear Mother Earth slowly grind to a stop


She once again took account and gave a soft sigh of relief

She looked around and found that all was good

Hers was a quick and quiet respite as I could hear her slowly reverse gears, starting up her behemoth engine once again

I could hear soft groans, like the small beginnings of a woman in labour 

We are so fortunate to have travelled here

We are so fortunate to have sojourned here

This is a beautiful planet, one that has so many wonders contained within it

And ones we take for granted

We are on a journey.

We live among the stars.

We are heading home.

I am Virgo, Earth - Balance

Separately, we are nothing but Together We are One

Enjoy this day for it is a Gift

No matter what your circumstances

No matter what you are going through

No matter what someone did to you

Today is a day full of wonders,

Give Thanks to He Who created us,

We are Star Children

We Have Meaning

We Have Purpose,

Cherish each and every day

For their are little miracles 


They lie at your feet 

Or they alight on your shoulder

A small beetle scurrying under a leaf

A beautiful butterfly dressed in rainbow colors

A sweet bird whose song lifts you up from the darkness

We are all connected....