Sunday, August 9, 2015


Do human beings actually have within their DNA a penchant for continuous conflict? --A flaw in their genetic makeup?

Is this the only way the human race is able to move forward, one battle after the other, one war after the other, eliminating the competition, the unwanted, the unsavory, by savagely slaughtering their fellow human beings by the millions?  Then falling back after their mission is complete, bloodied sword in hand, smugly surveying the vast landscape littered with corpses as far as the eye can see?

Is this genetic flaw really a flaw or was it introduced into human DNA on purpose?  

If so who (or what) did it?

Conflict after conflict, war after war, skirmish after skirmish, battle after battle.

We advance mightily through conquest and brutality but time after time, the heavy toll we exact on others makes us fall far short of claiming any Peace Prize.

I believe we are part of a universal family and our collective family has been watching over our progress for a very long time.

They find we continue to take one step forward and then three steps backward.

They want very much to include us in their family but time after time, our lack of compassion and mercy, our savage and rebellious ways deter us from entering into their midst.    

We're never going to get there anyway at the rate we're going.

Just who the hell are we, anyway?

All I see is a bloated and murderous bunch of carnivores savagely butchering others using any excuse necessary to sanction their atrocities.

Who are the real perpetrators of mayhem and violence in this world?

Are they the ones who actually go out and commit the deed or the ones who continue to stand silently by, watching what's going on, ignoring the outcome, refusing to intervene, doing nothing to stop it?  

We have within our group a demonic order.  It starts at the top with a head demon in charge.
We continually and mightily proclaim our humanity in many ways, counseling the wretched, lifting the poor up and out of poverty, combating crime and fighting disease, but the sad truth is that we are being throttled every step of the way by those whose only mission in life is to stop the very progress we make.

At the rate we're going, we're going to end back in the Stone Age.

Come to think of it, maybe they were far more human than we are.

They weren't as evolved as we like to think we are today, able to rationalize and think up new and more horrific ways to kill each other.

They didn't have nuclear weapons or bio weapons at their disposal.  

At the very least the only thing they could do was pick up a club and beat each other to death.

If we don't mend our ways, if we do not lift up those among us whose brains aren't hard-wired into constant conflict but can unite people instead of dividing them, offer workable solutions to problems that beset all of us, our celestial guides will have no choice but to cut us off.

We are in free fall now but haven't managed to hit the bottom yet.

However, we're not that far off.