Sunday, July 26, 2015

Discernment of Spirits


This material might be too unsavory for some.

It is only posted with the intent to educate those who are not inclined to believe in the supernatural.

I feel it is  time we talk on this subject because I personally believe that negative forces are really ramping up on this planet and all for the purpose of mounting an aggregious attack on humanity.

If you read the papers and watch t.v., hell, they've already started.

What is Discernment of Spirits and how do you know if you have this ability?

Is there a protocol for dealing with a demonic entity once you are made aware of its presence?

How do you get rid of a negative spirit?

Is this ability to discern a gift or a curse?

I'd have to say, a little of both.

Do you believe in both Good and Evil?

Most of us do.  So, therefore, it stands to reason that spirits exist from both domains.  

From my perspective and from my own personal experience, discernment of spirits is the ability to discern (identify and communicate with) spirits in the spiritual (supernatural) realm.

They can be either pure and holy entities (angelic beings, messengers, etc.) that appear for the sole purpose of providing a spiritual message of help or they can be beings whose odor is so vile, so foul, that you have to cover your nose and mouth.  They smell of rot and decay.

Have I ever smelled a dead body after it's been decomposing for awhile?

No.  But I have smelled the pungent, unpleasant flesh of dead animals.

To give you some perspective, the demonic odor I've encountered is far worse than the carcass of a cow or a goat laying out in a field festering away in the hot sun.

Can I describe what these demonic beings look like?

No, I have never seen one I have only smelled and felt its ugly presence.

In other cases, dealing with angelic beings the answer is yes, I have seen one.

I had one beautiful encounter when I was sleeping in my recliner.  I don't know what time of the morning it was as there was no clock in the room.

With no sound and through thought communication, an angel (I'd say she was at least 8 feet tall) appeared behind my chair.

She towered over me.

I could see her clearly.  I say her because it did not feel like a he nor look like one.

Her hair was short and closely cropped.  She was cream colored from top to bottom.

Her wings were not out but lay down close to her body.  

There was the most beautiful, comforting feeling of peace I had ever experienced in my life.

She had a message for me and I clearly got it.

She slowly stretched out her hand (I don't recall which one) toward me.

Her fist was closed and I watched as she allowed it to open, slowly.

In the middle of her hand was a shiny coin, gold in color.

I believe it had writing on it but I couldn't make it out--maybe I wasn't supposed to--maybe it wasn't important for me to know but only for her.

I remember the feeling that she knew everything about me and was just there to help regarding a certain matter.

With her other hand, she reached for the coin and turned it over.

A clear message:  "I had a choice to make".

I pleaded with her not to leave me but she slowly faded away.

In other instances, I have personally been able to smell several spirits that have made their way through my house, late at night or very early in the morning.

Three o'clock in the morning (3:00 a.m.) is the time when you're most likely to encounter one.  

If you were to ask me what I first notice about a demonic spirit is it the odor or its presence, I'd have to say that both occur simultaneously.

I have, on more than one occasion, arisen from my bed and confronted an entity, not being able to see it but to experience its offensive presence, asking for protection from my spirit guides and strongly rebuking it, thus sending it back from where it came.

Holy water along with a Prayer of Protection is most important on these occasions.

All this demon is doing is testing you to see where your weaknesses are and if you're agreeable to it making its new home inside yourself.  

When we go to sleep we open a portal to the other world and, if careless, can invite a demonic entity in without even knowing one has done so.

Most of my life I have encountered paranormal events that have affected me acutely.  In one case, the event affected me so adversely that I still have past memories of this haunting that linger incessantly.

Very bad things happened in the house where I lived and my family didn't act like a family but turned on one another.

I am bringing up this information because I feel that it is the right time to do so.

The more we are made aware of what surrounds us and how to deal with it (them) the better off all of us will be.

A Prayer of Protection:

The light of God surrounds us (me).The love of God enfolds us (me).  The power of God protects us (me). The presence of God watches over us (me).  Wherever we are (I am), God is.  And all is well.