Saturday, July 4, 2015


All of us have demons (something we're dealing with) hitching a ride.

Sometimes we're lucky enough they fall off but many times they don't (or worse yet--won't).

They like where they are because they have found a warm and cozy spot in which to set up housekeeping.

Maybe it's some unspeakable horror we've experienced (war, abuse of some kind resulting in psychological trauma, etc.) or a guilt trip that manages to keep chipping away at you.

Maybe it's something you said, something you've done or something that was done to you.

All of us are not immune to being human and acting human.

Many of us have wracked up such a huge debt in Life that we will never be able to pay it off.

Welcome to Earth.

I'm dealing with someone right now, who is going through so much pain and torment that his last comment to me was, "I feel like standing in front of a bus and just letting it hit me".

It's pretty hard to hear someone say something like this.

And, yet, we will continue to communicate, continue to sort through and deal with all the details and the emotional trauma he is experiencing.

After months of phone wrangling, fits of rage, outbursts of anger, accusations, and digging deeper into his psyche, and his slow unburdening of the unimaginable torment and pain he was going through, I finally got his attention.

Talk to God.

He's in charge anyway and he's just waiting for you to reach out to him.

Why can't we humans acknowledge the fact that we're not immortals, that we cannot handle all the problems Life hands to us?

Every day I wake up I thank Him for just waking up.  I thank Him for being here.  I thank Him for being able to just walk outside and watch the sun rise, I thank Him for my family, I thank Him for the trials I've gone through, I thank Him for creating me, I thank Him for everything.

By so doing, you are acknowledging to yourself and to Him, that you can't handle what's going on in your life anymore.

He was waiting for you to say it.   So say it.

"God, I can't handle this anymore, please take over".

This one small act of humbleness, this one small act of contrition will start the healing process and begin the release of the pain and suffering you've been experiencing.

Your healing will begin.

Trust me, I know.