Monday, June 29, 2015

Thought Talk

Saturday, June 27, after working to remove a temporary livestock fence, I took a well-deserved break.

I parked the tractor and opened the gate to a pasture and walked past and under my old friend, the Oak Tree that I have affectionately named "Guardian" or, when the wind blows through its branches, "Ruffles and Flourishes".

Underneath this giant oak is a small pen where I put a nanny and her two little kids.  Nanny was having trouble nursing so the best thing I could do was pen her up and allow the kids to still receive milk from her while I continued to supplement with my homemade formula.

I was tired, sweaty and hot as the summer sun was starting to heat up but I stopped to talk to nanny as she was standing right there, at the back of her pen, looking directly at me.

I thought it strange that she was standing as she is generally laying down and I have to pester her to get up so the kids can suck.

I moved in closer.

She didn't budge but stayed right where she was.

I came closer and looked right at her and into her eyes

I was immediately overwhelmed by a sensation that she was going to communicate with me.  

I waited for a moment and then.....

"Thank you", she said.  "Thank you for taking care of me and checking on me everyday while I was recovering".

I looked into her eyes and acknowledged her thought talk.   I replied, "you're welcome, nanny".

Folks, I'm used to this.

If you can manage to find the time to step outside yourselves (you are so very busy with so many distractions) and quiet your being, you will be able to connect with what is all around you.  

Pretty soon you'll be able to tune into a harmonious thread that weaves its way throughout the universe.

Communication on this planet is not just opening your mouth and verbalizing words.

Communication can be in other forms such as thought transference (thought talk).

It can be, as just illustrated, unspoken in nature.

Unspoken Communication that links one life form to the other.

That connects all creatures together on this planet, great and small.