Sunday, June 28, 2015

Love One Another

I want so much to go
And yet I have to stay
I’ve work yet to be done
That won’t wait till yesterday
Spirit Guides are calling
They have more work for me
It’s hard to stay the course
When I’ve seen the Heavenly
In order for us to reap our reward
We have to put up with what Life accords
We’re all dealing down here
With Life at its worst
If it’s not some affliction
Or a reckless addiction
It’s a Cancer or curse
It’s hard to reconcile
The things that we see
As evil, unabated
Leaves us fearful, hopeless, jaded
Stay the Course
It’s what we do
We can't escape
For this Earth is a zoo   
Stay the Course
Finish the fight
This is no time to flee or take flight
You can't ignore your responsibility
To each other, to loved ones
But most of all, Thee