Friday, June 19, 2015

Grandmother Moon

She’s the Will ‘O Wisp
A baby's breath
The sunset you see at dusk
Shes the butterfly
In the wink of an eye
The earthy scent of musk
She’s a body reposed
Cocooned and deposed
She’s a flicker, a whisper
An intuitive thought
An intricately braided silken love knot
A fleeting dream
A shy moonbeam
A gale force wind
Out on a limb
An apple pie
The long goodbye
A spider’s web
All in your head
Stealth shadows grow
Like deft fingers of Poe
Her face is pale
From her long travail
She’s evolved to see it all
She’s near, she’s far
She’s among the stars
Tides flowing
Her somber face glowing
Planting, reaping and sowing
The opposite of sunny
Sweet cream milk and butterscotch honey