Wednesday, June 24, 2015

What's Up?

We were having lunch together and my friend agreed that we both have the same feeling with what we're seeing with the weather, this year.  A massive heat wave in India that has killed thousands; flooding in Tbilisi, Georgia that resulted in animals escaping.  A Hippopotamus had to be tranquilized; lions and tigers were on the loose as zookeepers tried their best to round them up.  One lion was shot to death and three zookeepers died.  In North America we had four different weather forecasts in one day--one for each season of the year.  Extreme heat in the Southeast; snow in the northwest; unprecedented flooding in the heartland; colder than normal temps in the East.  And let's not forget California which is in its worst drought in ten years.

California is where many of this country's fruits and veggies are grown.  The farmers are having to drill deeper to access water to irrigate their crops.  Some wells are at 1200+ feet.  And government is not helping as all they're doing is piling on more red tape and regulations.

I've not read anywhere where a large planetary body moving through the heavens could possibly affect our weather (how?  I don't know...maybe disrupting the jet stream or penetrating the shield covering the earth that protects all of us from the heat of the sun, thus, somehow, affecting and destabilizing our weather).

We've had loud, unnerving trumpeting sounds emanating from above heard by people all over the earth.  And no one has figured out where they're coming from or what they are.

The question is, "Is someone trying to get our attention and, if so, why?"

I think I have the answer.