Friday, June 26, 2015

A Gentle Reminder

I was reminded, this morning, of the consequences of some things many of us enjoy, and I'm no exception, let's call them excesses--fast food, alcohol and not enough exercise.

Drugs are another problem (whether prescription or otherwise) that can be so dangerous and yet we still find those who continue to experiment with them at their own peril, racing toward mind-altering experiences, with the result being irreparable harm or even killing them.

They can't seem to stop their deadly infatuation with this demon.

The human race has a deadly disease, a lingering stench of decay that is self-induced and it's called a penchant for self destruction.

We are solely responsible for our own bodies, for our own health.  What we put into them and how we treat them.

But our overindulgences can and most likely will, lead to serious health problems or worse as we grow older.  

We have an epidemic of schisms in this world that hone in on us, drone-like, targeting our weaknesses, whittling and breaking us down into zombies, reducing our humanity to a cesspool of helpless souls, tearing us apart, obliterating relationships with families, friends and careers.

Life is struggle.  From the moment you exit the birth canal to the day you die.

It's struggle, struggle, struggle.

We need to be optimistic about the world we live in but there are also a number of realities we need to acknowledge and teach our children.

They are called lessons and they're all about the hard realities of the world we inhabit.

But our schools are filled with drugs and drug dealers with willing participants, and many parents are either too strung out on drugs themselves to even care about what's happening to their kids or are so overworked they don't have the time to sit down and explain the things that need to be said or, sadly, have adopted an "I don't give a shit attitude".

What's it going to take to stop this epidemic of mind, body, soul?

I think we're way past solutions.

We need spiritual intervention--a miracle.