Friday, June 12, 2015


I just underwent surgery on my wrist.  Had to keep it in a cast for 10 days then the stitches removed.

No big deal but incapacitated for a short time.  I couldn't manage to do the things I normally do.  It was turning into a psychological ordeal.

Now, think about our veterans...returning home with missing limbs, brain damage, etc.

How in hell do you come to grips with, cope with a permanent injury as traumatic as that?

How do you re-establish a meaningful relationship with your spouse, your kids?  How do you manage to get through your day?

How do you manage to "fit" back into society?

How do you overcome the sorry for yourself syndrome that most definitely will show up as a result of your injuries and become a permanent part of your life if you let it?

This is why we have so many vets committing suicide today.

They are ignored and rejected by the very organization founded to help them...the VA.

We have tragedies occurring all over the world.

But the treatment given to our vets or worse yet, no treatment at all but just let them slowly fade away and die, for lack of it, is a national tragedy, an unfathomable disgrace that will forever stain the fabric of this nation.  

I hold those organizations, people, politicians and lastly the news media guilty as charged for not citing the gross mismanagement, the gross injustices being experienced by our vets and stepping up to the plate to expose them and help those who have given their all.

If I were president, my first priority would be to take care of this country's servicemen and women.

An internal audit would be done to determine who was responsible for what and any other wrongdoing committed against our veterans.

Those responsible (NO EXCUSES) would be terminated, or, if need be, a stint in federal prison.  

There would be no pension, there would be no severance pay.

Freedom is NOT FREE.  There is a price to pay and our veterans are the ones paying it.

It's a price that's so huge that no one, no one understands unless you take a walk in their shoes.

And to you thugs and rioters, you race hustlers, you feckless politicians, you haters of this country, you who choose to gorge yourselves on government freebies and then sit on your assess all the while good men and women are out there giving their lives so you can tear towns apart, rip people off, steal private property, riot and loot, you are damned lucky you happen to be living here.

You are the ugly underbelly of this country.

You are cowardly and willing participants when it comes to taking out grievances on innocent men women and children, looting at will, tearing people's lives and their communities apart.

You are willing accomplices, specious spawns to government lies and politicians with axes to grind.

We now have a national focus on law enforcement and their "misdeeds".

No public "thank you" for putting themselves on the line each and everyday.

No, just finger pointing at a few who may have done wrong while roundly condemning the entire lot.

I can't blame them for saying they're not going out to patrol anymore, not going to police communities that are fraught with drugs, violence and crime.

I mean, isn't that what Obama, Sharpton and Holder wanted?

On the one hand, discredit those who serve and protect while encouraging black mobs to continue to loot and riot.

Anarchy is what Obama has brought.

Anarchy is what Obama has wrought.

The real heroes in this country are our veterans who don't loot and riot, don't rip people off, don't rampage through towns torching and destroying private property, don't demand their "rights", and don't have some sort of political or racial axe to grind but silently and willingly go out to defend my right to post my thoughts here on this blog as well as the slugs who loot and riot.

What a country.