Friday, June 19, 2015

Free at Last

No wonder we have so many accounts of alien races visiting this planet.  Who wouldn't want to visit here?  Planet Earth is a wondrous and beautiful place with many resources number one of which is the human race.  A diverse and beautiful race of humans that continues to perplex and be an undeniable source of wonderment and curiosity for the alien visitor as he watches us from above, as we continue to spiral out of control, rampaging across the planet gouging into the earth for precious metals, scourging mother earth incessantly drilling deep holes in search of oil (I'm not against drilling for oil as it's our source of energy; we have no other alternative as of yet so what else are we left to do?) raping the forests as we clear cut thousands of acres so we can make fancy furniture and homes, kill each other off in fits of rage, then embrace each other when disaster and tragedy strikes, abort babies by the thousands (because it's a mother's right to choose--the liberal mindset) We should all go to hell for this one and, I hope, many will.  Torture and maim, proclaim and profane.  What does it take to wake up the human race to the knowledge, the fact, that we are not alone in the universe and never were? We have a huge support group out there, others, many others, who inhabit other worlds and who do not look like us, or may look a lot like us, depending on a number of things special to their own planet.  What does it take for governments, intelligence agencies, to stop lying and hiding this information from us, because we're all beginning to realize the truth, through more and more information surfacing from MUFON and other media, and having those in high places ruining people's lives for coming forward with incredible UFO/alien accounts and experiences?  Why do we have Men in Black showing up to torment and threaten those who had the courage to step forward?   Why do we have seasoned commercial airline pilots, law enforcement, scientists, journalists, doctors, dentists, lawyers and ordinary lay people with incredible experiences to relate but when they tell of their experiences they are ridiculed, humiliated, criticized or worse?  I'll tell you why.  Because we're getting closer.  Getting closer to the day when all of this is going to blow up in their faces.  The day when an alien craft lands on the WH lawn and dares anyone to do anything about it.  That day (I personally believe) is not far off.  I'm even betting it will happen in my lifetime (but they better hurry up :)   The PTB know the Truth. Governments know the Truth, the Vatican knows the Truth.  World Leaders know the Truth.  As the saying goes, the Truth shall set you free.  No wonder they want to keep it under wraps.  If our celestial neighbors have cures for cancer, HIV, Ebola, AIDS, heart disease, emotional/psychological disorders, and solutions for new forms of energy then they should be allowed to present them to the entire human race.

This is all about control by governments and their power brokers.  And it's all about losing that control.  It's about fear that if you do lose control you will no longer be able to control.  Gosh, what a wonderful concept.

And maybe there will be one among them that is able to unite all of us to live peacefully together on this planet.

Hell, they may even inspire us to greater things, the greater things all human beings are capable of.

Do you see any human being on earth even attempting to do this for humanity, today?

This planet and its inhabitants can no longer afford politicians and organizations who put themselves first at our expense (figuratively and literally) and leave the rest of humanity a distant second.

I say it's time for Humanity Rising.