Friday, April 7, 2017

Actions have Consequences

I believe the world is being presented with a much clearer picture now.  One in which we are seeing the bigger picture and we don't like what we're seeing.  The old illusion we've all been living under is shattering.  This illusion of disease, starvation, poverty, and war followed by war, sick and dying people, small children, infants, young and old, their lives snuffed out as easily as you would snuff out a candle by ruthless dictators with weapons of mass destruction at their disposal is coming to an end.  How long will we continue to allow this sort of thing to happen?  What happens to One of us happens to All of us.  Are we not all inhabitants of this planet?  More and more, I believe that we have been and continue to be under the watchful eye of others and they are keeping score.  Who has the right to take a life?  All life on this planet is sacred.   The pictures coming out of Syria are horrifying and nauseating.  Is there no shame, no remorse, no feeling whatsoever by those responsible for this cruel and reprehensible act against men, women and children?  What is even more horrifying is this is not the first time this has happened.  We all should be ashamed.   

The world has run out of excuses.