Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dream State

I'm at the keyboard this morning but not before I visited a site dear to my heart.  They asked that I support them by visiting Amazon and so I did.  The first thing to catch my eye was a book entitled, "D Day Through German Eyes, the Hidden Story of D Day, June 6, 1944," by Holger Eckhertz.  This is a German soldier's recollections, his thoughts and fears as he watched the western allies descend upon the beaches of Normandy France in 1944.  D Day was courtesy of the western allies (Britain, Free French Forces, Canada, the United States) and a final, monumental effort to put an end to Hitler's hegemony and World War II. wiki/Invasion_of_Normandy  I encourage everyone to read about D Day and history, in general.  For in looking to our past mistakes, we can hopefully plan a little better for our future.  In finding this book I became aware of a feeling coming over me that this man's memoirs weren't just an account from someone I had never met before, let alone heard of, but that through his experiences and through his eyes, I was there also.  Kind of like a collective memory of some sort.  Then my mind offered up some interesting theories as to why I had just experienced this.  We're all in a dream state on this planet.  In other words, we've experienced what others have gone though but have forgotten the experience.  It's like awaking from a dream in the morning--you can only recall certain parts of the dream because the other parts are missing (forgotten).  You and I are here on this planet to experience just another part of the Collective Thought.  Once we've experienced (learned from) all parts of this Collective Thought we are made whole.  This is another puzzle piece that fits perfectly into place when we hear, "We are All One."  And yet, we still have those among us insisting not on what unites us but what divides us.  They would rather that we continue to curse one another, hurt one another and refuse to talk to one another.  And yet, our collective memories teach us that we have all walked in each other's shoes.  We have all bled together, hurt together, cried together, laughed together.  Aren't you tired of the same ole, same ole happening on this planet?  It's like a broken record that keeps repeating itself by playing over and over.