Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Earth ~ The Planet of the Crossing

Decision Making Time
Today there is a hole in my heart and nothing can fill it up.  Sunday I was experiencing depression along with sadness.  The two didn't congeal together as I was feeling each one separately.  Don't know why (other than it being Easter Sunday and the emotions tied to this date) but had to gut it out to make it through the day.  Monday was okay but now today I am feeling something quite different.  The depression and sadness are gone but have been replaced by a deep and empty void.  I think it has to do with all the crap going on in the world and how helpless I feel.  In addition, we have five planets in retrograde this April --Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury.  The unseen force of these planets as they appear to be moving away from us is very powerful.  This is another sign that it is time for planet earth to do some deep soul searching as we are now entering the decision making process.  And, it might be a good idea for the rest of us to follow suit.  The world simply cannot sustain itself anymore as it stumbles, headlong, down a dangerous path of destruction and annihilation.  No leader is capable of making meaningful and heartfelt changes so desperately needed in the world today.  Yes, they can make inroads and change some things for the better but the real, meaningful change is going to come through a spiritual awakening which, I believe, we're already in.  One of the symptoms of the apocalypse (awakening) is disclosure, a revelation of information and a slow yet innate understanding of things we never had before.  Have you noticed how much easier and how much clearer things appear to you now?  A few years ago it was a muddled mess but now, something has changed.   It's like a light bulb came on as you easily separate fact from fiction and real treasure from the junk.  Earth is heading to a crossing as we're entering a time of great decision making.  It's like we've been putting something off for thousands of years but now we've run out of time.  This time, though, we're going to make the right decision that will finally take us onto the right path.  A fork in the road in the past before but, unlike the past, this time we will instructed and instinctively guided as to the right one to take.