Sunday, April 23, 2017

Let's Talk Sex

Mind, Body, Soul (or Spirit)
In the Western world we have been taught that all three of these are separate from the other. The mind does its own thing, the body does its own thing and spirit does its own thing.  This is incorrect as all three act as a caduceus; an interwoven, integral and vital cohabitation within us, aiding in man's understanding of his role in the universe, self and others.  Necessary for his growth and ascension in personal/interpersonal relationships, understanding and intellect and overall well being as they seek each other out, embracing, interacting, communicating and interconnecting with one another.  The sad state of affairs we see today with humanity's dismal understanding of sexual self is reflected in the number of abortions, the leap in the porn industry, a general lack of concern with unprotected sex, marital affairs, one night flings and a flippant, disrespectful attitude by youth who have been brainwashed into, "if it feels good, do it."  Sex is a very private and sacred matter and not to be taken lightly.  The sexual act involves three things coming together and interacting:  the mind, the body and the spirit.  When two bodies come together and unite with one another, something earthly, deeply profound, sensual, spiritual, mindful and liberating takes place.  This act is not about self gratification but about trusting and letting go, sharing a part of yourself with another human being, an act that can result in the creation of another.    So, Man is not the lone spectator he's  been made to believe of all that happens around him but is also a Creator Being.  A vital and indispensable creature who is constantly re cloning himself, in search of himself.  The suit you wear was constructed for your arrival and survival.  It wasn't made with your good looks in mind but to withstand this planet's atmosphere and climate and came equipped with all the necessary software and hardware, all in preparation for your earthly journey.  Think about this for a moment, your body and how wonderful and miraculous it is and, yet, how do we treat it?  Is man capable of creating this miraculous wonder in a laboratory?  I don't think so and hope to G-d he never will because he will fail, miserably.  Man is and always will be the consummate student, always learning about himself.  That is why we're here, on this planet--to Learn.  Man is not the teacher.  But, sadly, there are those among us who have managed to puff themselves up to such an extent that they now look down upon the rest of us with disdain, having become (in their own minds) mankind's teacher and saviour even though they are in desperate need of saving, themselves.    They know what's best for us.  We know Nothing.  Thousands of years ago Man was nothing more than a basic instrument all about discovering the basics --tools and fire, scrounging, hunting for food and mating.  Very little thought was given to anything other than survival as his mind had not progressed spiritually enough to develop the sensitive and cognitive abilities that would enable him to grow in spiritual understanding.  As we can see, through the ages, man's leaps and bounds toward this spiritual understanding has been slowed down and, in many instances, halted as materialistic things have become more important.--How we look, how we smell, how much money we make, the clothes we wear, where we eat, who we hang out with, to name a few.  We still haven't made it to first base in our understanding of who, what and where we're going, collectively, even though we have managed to develop our technological prowess to such an extent that it is now, off the charts.   Technology has nothing to do with our body,mind,spirit complex as it's created its own and now inhabits a special subcategory all by itself.  Its methods and its ultimate end result are the efforts of a long and logical, linear, mechanical and robotic process.   There is nothing spiritual, whatsoever, in this pursuit.  Can technology and spirit ultimately work together?  I don't know as Technology has taken a different path, away from spirit and developed a life of its own>  If left, unchecked, I believe it will eventually snuff out any spirit whatsoever in its quest to rule man's mind, rule the world.   So, today, please reflect on what is stated here.  Take the time to revisit relationships with friends, lovers, loved ones and family.   Take the time to count your fingers, your toes and think about how wondrous your body is, its role in your life and how much it is capable of accomplishing.   You have, contained within you, all you need to be.
     ~Blessings, Nightshade