Monday, September 21, 2015

Rose Portals

Something is happening.  I can feel it.

A portal has opened up, slowly, mysteriously, silently and subtly.

It has a very comforting feel to it.      

How would I explain this?   ~ "I feel like a rose bud that is just now beginning to unfold".

It knows what its purpose is.  ~ "To fulfill the purpose the Creator purposely embedded into it".

To embrace its completeness, its wholeness, its beauty, its fragrance, its ability to make one stop dead in their tracks and inhale its fragrance and marvel and sigh at its beauty, forgetting all about their cares, all about their problems.

This rosebud is in its initial stages of growth as it continues to shyly hang its head but is quite aware of all the attention it is getting.

It continues to flourish and grow in size, encouraging its siblings to do the same.

It unfolds ever so slowly so that all who see it feel awe and wonderment and marvel at its beauty, inhaling in its fragrance, slowly finding themselves being drawn in and down to their very depths, their very core, completely captured and immersed in its fragrant beauty, choking back tears as the rose and the viewer become one.

Doesn't this remind you of a newborn?  If you look closely you see a tight little rosebud (the mouth) a subtle blush of rose color on the cheeks, a newness, a wonderment in the eyes as the little one starts to embrace its new found surroundings.

Babies are rose portals and need to be cherished, nurtured, fertilized and pruned (when need be).

This wonderful new awareness is like a scrubbed feeling that I've been whitewashed or douched down with some type of disinfectant that kills all the old bacteria and leaves me feeling like a new person.    

Off with the old skin and on with the new.

It's like spying the first blooms of little purple crocuses poking their heads up and out of the ground amidst the thinning swatches of winter snow, catching the filtered rays of scant sunlight as they lie, scattered here and there, all excited and  chattering noisily together, exhibiting a new found joy, an optimism that they've finally emerged from their long winter sleep and "everything is going to be alright".

Somehow, I feel like I've worked so long and finally received a diploma.

But, a diploma in what study?

Maybe it is the Study of Life.

Whew, that's a big one, for All of us to handle.

Or, maybe it's a realization that I'm on the right Path and to keep on trudging.  

Don't lose faith; don't lose heart; even when those around you are losing theirs.

There is so much we Don't know about who and what we are, why we're here and where we're going.

But just like the rosebud, give yourself some time and keep on growing.

Just take a moment and look at yourself, no matter where you happen to be in Life right now, as a rose portal, a new baby, with plenty of Time ahead to turn things around, if need be.

Stop and listen to the incessant heart beat of the universe as you slowly come to grips with whatever you need to come to terms with, ground yourself in faith and believe in yourself.

You may be a little older but you are still in the process of unfolding, like a rosebud.

And, your purpose lies just past that thicket of brambles that's been hobbling and holding you back all these years.

Before you is your True Path.

It is beautiful and fragrant and serene with clusters of rosebushes. all competing with each other as they reach out to you, softly exclaiming their purpose, vining and tumbling, clustering and blooming profusely, filling your nostrils with an exhilarating fragrance as they fervently and abundantly line your path on either side.