Monday, September 7, 2015

Winken, Blinken and Nod

What unites a people, a country?

Well, it's several things some of them being trust, followed by education, culture, family and language.

Sadly, disaster also unites people even though, initially, it wreaks havoc on their lives.  

But, have you ever seen a person running away from someone lying on the ground after a tornado has swept through or a monstrous flood has taken peoples' homes?

No, they willingly go out and risk their lives to help others offering them shelter, food and hope.

People are inherently good.

But what about politicians?  What are they all about?

Well I'll tell you--politicians are all about the status quo.

They don't care about you, they don't care about me.

They only care about themselves but will briefly pause in their narcissism if they can convince a group or an individual to willingly hand over their sovereignty as a free individual in favor of submitting to their maniacal, dictatorial control.    

They are all about their particular party staying in power and they really don't want any change, they like things just the way they are.

They are all about conniving their way to the top, seizing and securing the power they need to put into effect their agendas, thus able to carry out their nefarious deeds.

Some, politicians, very few, are honorable but on the whole they, collectively, are a despicable lot.  

When they achieve office, some will even discredit certain honorable groups and organizations, hoping they will disband and fall, doing their best to instill uncertainty and anxiety so these groups no longer stand in their way but just wither on the vine.

This is certainly happening today to the honorable profession of law enforcement along with attacks on people of faith.

Politicians will do anything necessary to keep and stay in power.

When we first have the misfortune of meeting them, we are subjected to endless talk, talk, talk, promise after promise after promise.

But they soon turn out to be an empty well, a hollow husk, an endless supply of worthless rhetoric.

But, sadly, wouldn't you know it, it's too late as we have already cast our ballot, thus putting them in office.

We were deceived yet again.

I hope we've wized up although there are those who will still vote for anyone regardless of their character, their worth or their credibility.

The really sly politicians seem to have a natural ability and a deep seated lust for deceiving others and are capable of easily seducing the masses with their flowery words, a wink a blink and a nod.

Under the current leadership in the White House we have lost something very valuable.

It is one of the things that we touched on earlier and it is called Trust.

Obama's eight years in office have resulted in anything resembling the hope he incessantly droned on about.

What hope do you see around you?  I don't see any.  Maybe, the only hope I have is that people are finally waking up to the fact that we hope we don't elect someone like him again.

And the change he's effected on this nation and Americans is anything but good.

I am not a Republican.  I am not a Democrat.

I am an independent thinker who is quite capable of making up my own mind without some lobbyist calling me incessantly on the phone or breathing down my neck, salivating at the chance to donate millions of $$ to my campaign in an effort to illicit favors in return.

Thank you but no thank you.

I cannot be bought.

I can see what has happened here during the Obama administration and I don't like it.

I don't like the suffering Obama has wrought that people are enduring because they can't find a job.

I don't like the suffering Obama has wrought that people are enduring because they signed up for Obamacare and got it shoved right up their a$$e$.

We have an economy in shambles.

Obama don't care.

We have murderers and rapists entering this country at an alarming rate but that doesn't seem to bother anyone in government, only the family or individual that is tragically gunned down on the street while out taking a stroll.

I don't like an economy that is barely alive and continues to falter because the President of the United States isn't the least bit interested in getting people back to work but only wants them to stay home.

There's plenty of money out there to blow on welfare groupies but no incentive to help hard working Americans who are in desperate need of jobs.  

"Too bad, too bad, Obama muses, we'll just give them to foreigners".  

A President is known for the company he keeps, how well he presided over a country, the promises he kept and the state of the union when he leaves office.

Obama is a failed president leaving behind a failed presidency.

His legacy will be one of lies, disillusionment, division, pain, deception and destruction to America and the American people.

I'm hoping and praying the American People have wakened up to a new reality--one that is staring them right in the face.

A new day, a new way of doing business-a stark change from the same ole, same ole--falling for the same ole trickster, the same ole fraudster, the same ole polished smooth talker, the same ole slick, greasy snake oil salesman who clutches his vial of poison, muscles twitching, eyes riveted on the people standing in front of him, hoping they'll fall for his lies as he sizes them up, licking his chops at all the potential suckers he sees.

People have beliefs, people have families, people have feelings, people have needs and wants, people need food and a roof over their heads, people need jobs, people need to be taken care of and lastly, people need to feel worth and be respected for the many contributions they make, on behalf of all of us.

Countries can suffer irreversible cardiac arrest if their infrastructure breaks down.

I don't want to see that happen here.

And yet, the warning signs are all around us, already out there, for all to see.

In order for us as a people and a nation to prosper we must insist on new leadership.

Leadership that will get the economy's heart beating once again, empowering and propelling us to new heights.

People need real people.

Not politicians.