Wednesday, September 30, 2015

ETs vs. Ego Maniacs

Unfortunately the peace I was feeling the last couple of days didn't stick around but it was certainly nice while it lasted.  

Today I was having a quiet morning until I watched the afternoon news.--(my fault)

Then that nice little bubble, that dream like state I was experiencing, suddenly burst.  --Damn

The energy changed from one of harmony to one of anxiety.

I believe we have a nasty convergence of events heading straight at us.

We're always going to have problems in the world but it's how effectively we deal with them that counts.

First and foremost right now are the two problem children with huge Egos.

Obama and Putin continue to toast each other publicly while, behind closed doors, daggers are drawn.

I'm only hearing bits and pieces of exactly what's going on in Syria so I can't comment on what I don't know as the peasants are, once again, denied all the details.

But all I know is, from the news this afternoon regarding Syria it is, "here we go again".

Secondly, while the news jumped from Syria to the weather, a giant weather map was suddenly displayed and an alarmed meteorologist was saying that that quiet little piece of weather (tropical storm) they've been ignoring (Joaquin) because it wasn't doing anything, just jumped up and bit them in the ass.

It literally turned from nothing into a Cat 1 hurricane and could possibly be as much as a 4 or 5.

According to the experts, it is looking like it is going to hit the east coast this weekend and, in some places, drench some areas with as much as 18 (what?????) inches of rain.--Holy crap.

Couple this with all the other news regarding what's going on in this world (Blood Moons, lunar eclipses, wars and rumours of wars, terrorist attacks, anarchy, countries going under) it's a wonder any of us can still find the courage to go on.  

We need help down here but we're too proud to ask for it.

Maybe we won't have to.

What is it going to take?--an ET invasion to straighten us out or would this just make things worse?--I guess it depends on whether or not they're here to help us change for the better or take us over.

We've exhausted all our options.  We seem hell bent on doing it our way when our way isn't working anymore.

Hell, do you see anything good that we've done other than screwing things up far more than they already are?

I have to take into account that there are well-meaning and good organizations out there that are trying to make this world a better place--St. Judes, Shriners, Rev. Graham's Samaratin's Purse but these folks are few and far between.

This planet is run by malcontents and sociopaths, psychopaths, frauds and nincompoops, neer-do-wells, narcissists, ignoramuses and last, but not least, idiots.

And they all have axes to grind.

On the other hand, as far as the ETs are concerned, we would have no say no discussion no comment no argument, no feeling whatsoever regarding their solution to our problems.

Maybe they've just about had enough of us, too.

They wouldn't be beholden to any country, any political party, any lobbyist, any federal agency, any special interest group, any Supreme Court, any Hague, any NATO, any religious organization, any WTO, any IMF, any UN, or any military force.

They, more than likely, would come in with their own set of rules and you either accept them or face the consequences.

"What consequences", you ask?

My reply, "do we really want to go there"?

We had better straighten up.