Monday, September 14, 2015


Urantia, August 26, 2015.
An Unknown Teacher. 
Subject: “Surprises Are In the Wind.”

Teacher: “It is always a surprise to you when you sense that a message from ‘beyond the veil’ is forthcoming — especially when you have asked for it and nothing is forthcoming. Dear child, things work differently in the spiritual realm, as there is much we would like to divulge, but a suitable receiver also needs to be available.

“There is much at stake here as these little seeds in the form of messages need to be palatable to as large an audience as circumstances permit. We are not in the business of frightening anyone, but we do hope that the mortals on this sadly abused and backward planet will wake up and realize that all have the responsibility for the planet’s rehabilitation. The more humans wake up to this reality and their purpose here, the greater the improvements that will ensue.

“Many people are beginning to sense that life as they know it may not necessarily serve them till death overtakes them. Of each will be asked: ‘What have you personally accomplished in your life to leave behind a positive legacy?’ Each person has unique gifts and even though most of these gifts shall of necessity be actualized during the ascension journey — if chosen — there are some gifts that can already be realized in the form of one’s practicing self-disciple towards mastery of these potential gifts.

“Time waits for no one, so surprise yourself with what it is you are capable of doing in this earth life, so you can look back later from a different level and observe that you left the world a better place rather than the deplorable state we are beginning to observe. The celestials have their own plans to help the mortals of this planet to wake up, although it may not always be the way the mortal had in mind for her or himself.

“Time is moving along and the planet is growing more and more out of balance. We earnestly beseech you to be your own biggest surprise by turning inward and start growing towards a more spiritual way of living instead of thoughtlessly ‘sliding along’ as if the present status quo will continue forever. For then you will come across some very unpleasant surprises that could with celestial help, have been prevented. It has always been so throughout the ages that the celestials have been willing to help, but they are only allowed to do so when asked.

“Prayer requests ought to be for the greatest possible benefit for all. Selfish prayers do not leave the room they are prayed in. Likewise, form prayers have no power in and of themselves. What is needed are spontaneous heartfelt and meaningful prayers, designed for spiritual growth and well-being of each and everyone. Also, a balanced equality between the sexes is greatly overdue on this planet. How long does half of the population need to languish with unjust treatment as a second-class citizen in most of the countries of the world?

“When will mankind wake up and accord women their place they were intended and designed for and accept them as equal partners?”