Saturday, October 15, 2016

Approaching the Killshot

Urgent Message From Major Dames Following Obama's Executive Order About The Killshot
Killshot Update For 10/15/16

The following message is from Major Dames:

I don't usually communicate directly with our newsletter subscribers outside of a live event or Facebook, but this is too important. I first blew the whistle on the Killshot during the top secret CIA Remote Viewing program, and for years the US government has known what was coming. Unless you've been living under a rock, you've noticed how over the last couple of years preparations for "space weather" events have become a priority with billions of dollars of funding.

Yesterday, President Obama just acknowledging that time is running out through an executive order that directly relates to preparing for the Killshot event, which by law, is now revealed to the public via this White House press release. So while many of you have been distracted by an election where "the powers that be" already know who is being "elected", various governments have been accelerating their Killshot preparation timetable and they would prefer YOU not know it. This is another reason why the US government and other nations no longer care about national debt - because when the Killshot begins, none of that matters.

As a result, my amazing production and public awareness teams have been working around the clock to spread awareness about the approaching Killshot and how one can prepare for it with Remote Viewing. This includes how to generate funds and locate your personal sanctuary location!  Also, for those that still don't know, I need you to understand that I personally do not collect any revenue from the distribution of RV products or from live events and training. All of the funds generated are used for operational purposes and for spreading awareness about the Killshot worldwide which includes manufacturing of countless of FREE materials like the Killshot DVD which is available here. Just as how we warned Japan about the approaching nuclear disaster that occurred a few years back (, it's our hope that all of the new resources we've been working hard to release below will save countless more lives.

Understand that since all LIVE training events are now done, this is the only way to get the information you need including how to learn RV and find your personal sanctuary location! The information on these DVDs is highly confidential, and is intended only for those that want to prepare for the coming storm. 
- Major Ed Dames


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