Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Earth Ambassadors

There's something that isn't taught in schools let alone while we're growing up. 

You've heard the old adage, "Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You."  Basically, what that means is to treat another human being in the manner you wish to be treated. 

Ellen Degeneres, on her t.v. show, always ends with the supplication, "Be Kind to One Another." 

She has a wonderful show but the part I truly enjoy the most is when she utters these words.

The world would be a much more humane (human but with an "e") place if we all decided to adopt this attitude toward one another.

We are really all global ambassadors, unelected representatives of an earthly inheritance, in which we can promote harmony, peace and love with others by the simple action we take of showing kindness and compassion to one another.

I truly believe that when the time comes and we finally meet our celestial neighbors face to face, we will find that the universal word, "Love," is a well known phrase that extends far throughout the universe.

Jesus said to "Love One Another" and for good reason.

As one of earth's spiritual emissaries (my belief and not necessarily yours) He was well versed in this simple act of human kindness and inherently knew how powerful it was. 

We all are responsible for what is happening in our world today by our willingness to tolerate and allow governments to do our thinking for us and order us around.   

Where are we in this whole process? 
                                                         --Missing in action.  

If we could collectively realize that we can make a huge difference in our own lives and those of others and where our planet is headed by just this simple phrase, "I Love You," I believe we'd start to see more positive and healthy things starting to take place.   

I love all of you--it doesn't matter your color, where you call home, or if you call yourself a Christian, a Muslim a Jew or an Agnostic--we all bleed the same color blood, we all feel hurt and pain.

I believe that the majority of us want a much better world than the one we've been saddled with.

So, let's not waste another minute wallowing in the past.

The past is just that--the past.

We have a beautiful and bright future ahead of us.

It's up to us to claim it--our rightful universal planetary heritage as human beings united in a common cause and a common bond and it's Peace on earth.

All it takes is just one of us to start the ball rolling.