Friday, October 7, 2016

Two Worlds
This morning it's raining. Wonderful because we haven't had any in a while.  While making coffee in my Gaggia Academia this morning, I'm happily pressing buttons in anticipation of my first cup. Nothing out of the ordinary just another morning except for when I opened up the blinds and looked east.  Even though it was still raining I could see our brilliant star through the pines as it slowly rose in the sky.  The sky was the most beautiful I've seen in a long time, pink and purple rays dancing off the clouds, so I stood there, relishing the moment.  Then, when returning to the coffee machine I heard a sound I've never heard before.  I've experienced this phenomenon on different occasions and it's called Clairaudience.

I distinctly heard a gruff sound almost like a dog would make if you were unaware you were standing on its paw, and like a "woof." sound.  I happened to be standing right by where Jake used to sleep.  I think he was letting me know that he was still in the house and hadn't gone anywhere even though I buried him yesterday.

Another reminder to all of us that no matter what, we are never alone.  

With all the cr@p going on in the world, this is just another reminder that what we're seeing and experiencing in this world is unreal, really an illusion but has grown so powerful that it's blotting out the Truth.

The real world of harmony, compassion, peace and beauty is yet to come.