Thursday, October 27, 2016


One cycle is Ending and another one is Beginning.

Completion:  Finishing what you started, completing a task, something old and outworn that doesn't work anymore is ending and something new is starting.

You can feel this.  It's almost like another side of you, long hidden, is opening up and you're feeling, thinking and acting differently.

You're even feeling a lot happier than you were before.  Like, everything is going to be alright.

That Everything is working, according to Plan.

Now, nobody told you this, you're just 'sensing and feeling' this.

There has been talk that part of this Shift in Consciousness is a feeling that time is speeding up.  Well, I've never experienced this phenomenon before but today I can tell you for sure, I did experience it for the first time.

And, I'm also noticing Synchronicity taking place over the last week.  Seeing a sequence of numbers like 3:33, 5:55, 2"22, 4"44, 11:11, 12:12.

These are little 'prompts' from the universe just letting you know that someone new is now driving the train and not to worry.  

Another thing I'm feeling is a purification process taking place like a great cleansing of mind, body and soul.  

Not only from within but from without--when I go outside the air feels different, a lot cleaner than I've noticed.

Another clue is you're starting to feel happier, things that used to bother you you just overlook now as they don't seem to be such a big problem as they were before.

Another change taking place in our perception of the world and who we are.

Another one is you're putting yourself second and everyone else first.

You want everyone to be happy and for peace to be the driving force on this planet.

Unfortunately we still have to deal with the reality that there are many who do not think this way nor do they want any peace at all.

It's plainly obvious that under their control things aren't (and haven't been) working out for any of us.

Something is happening here that is bringing with it, a new way of living, for all.  It's like a breath of fresh air.  Maybe that is why I am feeling some sort of a cleansing going on.

Quite possibly the elite are also very well aware of this and don't be surprised if they pull out all the stops to quash it, derail it or destroy it.  

But, try as they will they know it, I know it, you know it...You can't stop the Universe.

Something old and evil is biting the dust and something new is coming in.

A path through the darkness is being lit.

Where did this new consciousness come from and why now?

I believe it came from those who have been watching over us since we first arrived here.  They have determined that we're at an important cusp in our spiritual development and are helping our progress along by allowing that hidden portion of us to open up, as it will enable us to feel this new awareness taking place as they fuse its energy with our body, mind and soul.  

Gradually, as things progress, our awareness of what is happening will become more acute, more attuned.

We will actually be able to look at a tree, or a plant and 'feel' its life force, its energy and realize that it has every right to exist on this planet as we do.

The same way with animals.

I believe we're all coming together in a profound way and when this process is finally complete, the wonderment we experience will be unlike anything we've ever experienced before.

When an engine gets going and gathers steam, it's hard to stop.  We just need to ensure that the track up ahead is free of debris.

Our work of Completion here is not over, yet.