Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Unit

I continue to ponder our 'reality' down here on earth.    What it's made up of -- is it some type of plasma or a soft, gelatinous intelligent substance we're existing in that's designed to slowly push us along, prodding us forward, quietly propelling us toward a definitive end called Death?  This will continue to be a source of contention and debate by many whether "Death" as we know it (the physical death of the body) is The End.  I personally do not believe it is.  There is too much evidence from those who have "passed over' and come back with information to convince me otherwise.  I, too, have had my share of experiences that clearly tell me Life continues to go on but in a different form.

Maybe earth is a 'womb' which we are 'birthed' into and the universe is the placenta.  Could it be that this planet is just one of many thousands of other 'birthing' planets out there and that humans are here on this particular planet (earth) because we have a rebellious streak in us and need to be taught a lesson?  If so, it sure looks like we've all been enrolled in boot camp.  We all know about boot camp, right?  It ain't easy and it sure as hell ain't fun.  And before we are allowed to graduate, we have to pass the test in order to advance to the next level--it's called Basics 101.  

All of us are dealing with crap down here and some more than others.  Just being able to survive on this planet is a huge challenge for millions of human beings.

When you really take a good, hard look at where we all are, October 26, 2016 and what's going on in the world and where we're all headed, nothing seems to make sense anymore.   Then why do we continue to wonder and ponder?  Why do we continue to try and figure things out?  Why do we keep 'hanging' in there?  

Because, just like in boot camp we're learning about our strengths and our weaknesses, what works and what doesn't but more importantly, finding that together we can accomplish great things.

We're learning that together we're stronger, that together we can make a difference, that together we're a formidable team, that together we find having the same goals only ensures our success.  Sometimes we find that other members of the team lift us up when we're down, that color doesn't matter as underneath we're all the same, that we begin to feel good about ourselves, that we were stronger than we thought.

Teamwork, togetherness, unity, solidarity, common goals, hard work, compassion, courtesy, honesty, respect, humility.

It's taken thousands of years but we've finally arrived.  This is the year to remember.

**2016 when we finally graduate from boot camp having come face to face with all the hyprocisy, all the lies, all the deception, all the ugliness, everything that's bad with the world.

Where we finally get it!

We've just plain had enough, thank you.

Where we say to all the corruption and evil doers, it's off with the old and in with the new.

Try and stop us.

Go Team Go!