Sunday, October 23, 2016

It's a Bug's Life

Are human beings really that flawed, that ignorant, that incapable of learning and evolving?  I don't see any difference now as where we were thousands of years ago--wars, killing, butchering, debauchery, hating and raging.  We are always busting around, running out of time, caught up in a frenzy. We never take the time to stop and think where we are and where we fit into the bigger picture.   Have you ever watched a tiny bug going about its daily grind? It takes its time doing things slowly and methodically, until its task is complete.  And when needed, they all come together to get the job done instead of pissing and moaning about this and that.  They don't bother anyone other than when someone bothers them.  They don't wage war, they don't hate, they don't criticize and they don't condemn.  They are here for a short time and complete all that is required of them.

All Life is Temporal.  We forget that we only have a small amount of time on this planet.  Our life span here is approximately 83 years.  It is really sad when we see how many of us don't even reach this age as their lives are snuffed out much earlier.

How much do we accomplish while we're here? We catapult those who have nothing in common with us (lots of money, the political and Hollywood elite, etc.) and hail them as "role models" , hoisting them high up on lofty pedestals whilst the tiniest of us goes unnoticed (under our feet).

Then, who is really the most intelligent?

A tiny bug who knows its role in the world and endeavours to complete its mission while here or a human being who can't find its butt with both hands?

Maybe we're looking at the wrong role models.

Life is incremental and takes place in small, almost insignificant tiny moments with some dramatic moments.  But humans aren't satisfied with simple and uncomplicated but are always looking for something more, something that will give them a bigger buzz, a bigger jolt or make them feel more important.  

Have we not yet learned that we are earthly emissaries on this planet?  That our lives count and what we do here to make things more comfortable, more safe and more peaceful for ourselves as well as others, counts in the celestial order of things?  That the words we utter, our kind deeds, the jobs we undertake, the smiles, the hope, the handshakes, the hugs and the concern we show for others is only helping to attune us and help humanity and the world attain the peace and harmony we all desire?

At some point in our existence, if we continue to ignore our earthly mission, letting others control and dominate the message, we're going to fall off.

Do we not know there is a huge celestial wheel that keeps turning.  Some may call it Karma, some may call it circumstance, some may call it Chance.

We're all on it and, at some point, what goes up is going to come down.

We need to heed the message that we're approaching a point in time where our fate WILL BE decided for us as we have shown that we are incapable of creating a world where human life and the well being of others is tantamount to any amount of money or status.

We still have time, but how much.....