Saturday, October 15, 2016

Drag Me to Hell

Well, Hell's Bells!  --It's October 15, 2016!

We made it this far but it better hurry up and be Halloween because I'm gonna get all dressed up in my centuries old witch costume and dance around my boiling cauldron in the front yard letting off a little steam (did you get it, "a little steam?") cackling:


"Double, Double, Toil and Trouble, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble, 

Holy Shit, I forgot my dress is flammable,  I'm now on Fire, this is Unimaginable!  I just read the small print and my herbs are Unboilable,  *&@!!!   I'm trying not to become totally Irrational!   This whole Spell I wrote is now an Unpractical,  I'm mad as Hell as this is just too Unfathomable!  I think I better stop now before I'm Arrestable!

Back to reality:  We have celestial objects overhead that are becoming more and more visible that governments don't seem to care about that may be impacting earth and its inhabitants in the very near future.  

If it weren't for some plucky You Tubers taking it upon themselves to photograph and report on these celestial objects then how many of us would know?    And they're now being tracked, threatened and hacked.  If this isn't such a big deal then why would this be happening?

Yesterday, Oct. 14, it was announced the CIA is going to launch a cyber attack against Russia.

Is this some kind of retribution because we're being told that the Russians are responsible for all the hacking here?

Who can you trust to tell the truth anymore, on anything?

Then there's the U.S. election in which we have people more interested in who groped who than who is more capable of running a country and fixing the mess Obama has left.  

Then we have Hillary--who doesn't know the difference between a small lie and a big lie not to mention the fact that she clearly has some type of physical (mental?) issue that everyone around her is trying to hide.

Now on to the last but not least--Obama antics in which he was filmed, on Air Force One, having an erection.

Does this mean that Obama is more interested in his erection than a U.S. election? --You decide.

Drag me to hell.

Well, no, you don't have to.

I'm already there.