Friday, March 10, 2017

Be All That You Can Be

There is so much darkness, calamity and confusion down here.  It can eventually consume us all, if we let it.  We have no one pointing the way to enlightenment and few if any, ever reach this point in life because nobody's provided a detailed map (a plan).  The whole point of being here is to reach this stage.  It's difficult if not impossible to acquire any state of balance and spiritual awareness in the world because we are constantly being jockeyed around, sidetracked, manipulated, pulled and seduced.  We just can't seem to bring the body, mind, spirit complex into harmony.  The really painful truth is we find we lack the fortitude and discipline necessary to keep ourselves in line, especially when our urges overtake us, knowing that what we're doing (or will do) is wrong, unhealthy, harmful.  How do you think the military is able to slog through the mud, hold their breath and stay underwater for long periods of time, endure weeks and weeks of painful endurance training, carry 70# of crap (gear, weapons, ammo, night vision, etc.) in 120 degree heat?  Do you think this all came about by accident?  Hell no, they made a decision as to what they wanted out of life, signed on the dotted line and then saw their decision through to the end.  They had a plan.  They worked long and hard and in the process learned they were stronger than they thought and capable of doing and accomplishing much more than they thought, learning restraint, respect, discipline and courage.   This decision, this plan, resulted in their being able to sync their minds, bodies and spirits together into one effective working unit.  They learned to take that part of themselves that always wanted to do what it wanted to do and subdue it, bringing it into harmony with the other parts.  So, without a plan to follow and a lack of discipline to follow it through, we wind up, where?  Take a look at where you are now.  Are you any where you want to be (do you even know where you want to be?) or are you just hanging out, biding your time, (there's plenty of time, right?) mingling with the wrong crowd, doing drugs, etc., or... but, oh, it's so cool, right?  Are you even interested in taking charge of your life or are you still hell bent on letting others do it for you, charging full speed ahead with no direction and no regard to where you'll wind up because, silly, it's all a game?  --I got new for you--Life isn't a game.  Life is a minefield that has to be navigated properly and safely if we ever want to make it to the other side without blowing up first.  Why is it that the few wind up controlling the many? Could it be that they know something we don't?  That their privilege, their liaisons, their wealth, their positions, their knowledge allow them to be out of the starting gate first, leaving the rest of us in the dust?  To a great extent yes, this is true.  But these are flesh and blood people just like us with strengths and weaknesses, needs, wants, desires, vices, addictions and perversions.  But it's clear there is a difference and it is this:  They know all about life and have learned how to successfully navigate it, learning how to control it (to a point) bending it to meet their wishes and desires.  Their families knew in order to advance successfully in life you needed a map, a map to help you avoid the many perils in life.  Along with this you needed to learn discipline and control.  A detailed road map  was in place before the baby was even born and afterwards there were those learned individuals who made sure the young man or woman grew up within the regimens of this plan, thus insuring a long, healthy and productive life.  But this is just an excuse, isn't it?  I mean there are plenty of others (like us) not so fortunate who have made it through life's minefield with nary a scratch.  I chalk this up to 1:  They made a decision; 2.  They developed a plan; 3.  They stuck with it.  The statistics show that most of us are called, Sheeple (and the elites know this that's why they're in control and we're not).  They know they can boss us around, turn us around, kick us around, toss us around and shove us around.  But don't forget, this is our decision isn't it as, apparently, most of us don't mind.  So I'd say we're 3/4 of the problem.  Listen, this is a brand new today so why not stop and take an early assessment of your life right now and figure out just where the heck you're going.  

~It might be time to turn it around and head in a brand new way.~