Monday, March 6, 2017


I am nauseated by all the left-wing tactics taking place on Capital Hill.

Government, Congress, aka our elected officials and representatives, were elected to do the bidding of the American people and work together for the betterment all.

Well we can see now that these scumbags don't give a rat's a** about this country, the American People or the U.S. Constitution.

Thanks to President Trump, they are now emerging from their foul and stench-filled hidey holes as the Trump spotlight continues to focus squarely on them.

We have an entrenched bunch of Senators and Congressmen, along with a number of accomplices, who have dug in their claws, hoping to regain some respectability and salvaging what's left of their demonic stranglehold over us.

They will stop at nothing, do anything, to keep their fingers on the power and control button.     

I am ashamed, horrified and angered as I watch just how far these vermin will go.  It is apparent that these Senators and others' endgame is to hobble the new President and pick off his supporters one by one, feigning Russian interference.

The American People don't have anything to fear from the Russians.

But we definitely have much to fear from the likes of Senator Schumer, a spokesman for the wayward Left who has sold his soul to the Devil.  

My advice to President Trump, "stay the course, keep ferreting them out and into the light of day".

Then, Fire the Bastards, Every Last One of Them.