Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole

Johnny Depp as "The Mad Hatter"

 "We're All Mad, Here"
In the event of an unforeseen emergency, it's always good practice to be prepared:

*Keep your car's gas tank at least half full
*Have some bottled water in your house and canned goods
*Your Wallet, Car Keys, Credit Cards, Cell Phone and Chargers together, in one place
*Candles and matches
*Dried Fruit
*Extra Cash

*Make sure you have one of those mechanical can openers handy, not an electric one.*   

Things in our world have always been unstable--just look at our weather.

Many times we don't get any advance warning that bad things are about to happen.

For example, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes tearing us a new one and monstrous tornadoes.  These things just happen.

We are then faced with dusting ourselves off, putting ourselves back together and picking up the pieces (if any pieces are left).  

Aside from our being unable to accurately predict destructive weather we are now, somehow, able to see a growing chaos happening (an advance warning) taking place in our nation's capitol as we watch the nightly news.     

One Washington insider says this, another insider says that.  Confusion, chaos panic and mayhem are erupting because these entrenched insiders are being soundly challenged and rebuked along with their way of doing business, as a myriad of unecessary bills and regulations are being overhauled or done away with entirely.

This is having having a mind altering, painful, deep and profound affect on the collective alter ego that is Washington, D.C.  

To be truthful things were never quite right in our nation's mental institution, the Mad Hatter's House  known as Washington, D.C. but now with a new commander in charge along with a new perspective on things, it appears we're coming to a boiling point (meltdown?) as tempers flare and, figuratively speaking, guns are drawn and pointing haphazardly in all directions.     

Because events locally and worldwide, can occur with no or little warning, (weather, wars, disease outbreaks) it would be good if we all adopt a more mindful approach to where we are, at all times no matter if we're at work, the movie theater, the corner grocery store or heading downtown.

How will we react when a crisis comes? --Just ask the survivors of the 2004 Earthquake and subsequent Indonesian Tsnumi that killed over 240,000 people. Or the devastating 2016 deluge of rain (I think it was 30 or more ") that struck Baton Rouge, LA in 2016.

Did you know that there are many people who still have not received money from the government or their insurance adjusters in order to fix their homes and get on with their lives?  

The hard truth is, We really won't know how we'll react until it happens but it doesn't hurt to be prepared even if it's just a little.